Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Blog Posts – They Are All Over GOOGLE

Just a quickie. Nothing too life changing, but interesting all the same. Well, I thought so.

Yesterday I was browsing through my Stats (as one does) and my eye drifted across to the ‘Search Terms’ section.

Now for those of you who have never really thought about this, those terms are the exact Search Words or Phrases that someone has typed into Google (or other search engines too) and then found your blog post and had a look at it.

Okay, this is not new, you probably already knew this, and you’re thinking “So what?” Well, I have to say “Big Deal actually”……why?

Think about this…..someone is searching for something very specific and they found your post. Just one example from yesterday’s Search Terms on my post was ‘How Many Kindle eBooks Can I Expect To Sell?’ A bit of a daft question really, but it does serve as an example.

Think of all the articles, websites, blogs, you name it on Google…yet that search term resulted in them clicking on one of my blog posts about just that very subject.

Just to check I went immediately onto Google and entered the very same Search Term and Bingola! Guess What? My insignificant, little blog post on the subject came top of the Google Search. Top. I looked at the thousands of other search suggestions, many of which were incredibly good and detailed, yet my whimsical blog post came top. Number One, and the searcher actually took a look at my post.

You may still be thinking ‘So What? What’s the Big Deal then?’

Well, do you know how many web developers/promoters/search engine optimisation agencies shed blood and tears to get their client’s websites to number one on Google on anything?

So to briefly sum up…..always bear in mind that your blog post, the very one you may be uploading right now, has the potential to reach a heck of a lot of ‘Google searchers’……and as soon as you upload a post it ‘floats’ around in the Googlesphere (I wonder if I could copyright that term? That would be worth a few dollars, surely? Somebody must have done that?)….and has the potential to be found by zillions. Consider that for a moment. Think of how you might use it for one of your books/projects…..

I’ll leave the thought with you. Have a good day.


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I help new writers become published authors through self-publishing. I also offer writers the chance to have their work converted into Kindle eBooks and publish them on the Amazon Kindle store.

7 responses to “Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Blog Posts – They Are All Over GOOGLE”

  1. warmginger says :

    Write good content and they will find you!

  2. maddergenealogist says :

    I totally agree. I mentioned a person (obscure, historical) on my blog one morning. That afternoon searched on google to check a fact about him. My blog post was second on list!

  3. C.J. Black says :

    So some day I could be RICH & FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  4. nirajshrestha44 says :

    Is it then may that is just about the inspiration that I need to gather to write better blogs.

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