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Turn Your Blog Into A Book

Ever thought about turning your blog into a self published book? No? Why not?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking….”My blog? Into a book? Are you crazy? Who would want to read that?”

Well, lots of people actually. Particularly if your blog has a distinct focus, something that has a thread, a stroyline if you will, a kind of identifiable linear structure…..although let’s not get too strict about this.

For example…you decide to write a book for children, your first attempt. You have set yourself a target, let’s say 12 months, by which time you have promised everyone (especially yourself) that you will have the manuscript typed up and finished and ready for publication. Great!

So, you set up a blog dedicated to your book, that will document your trials and tribulations (hopefully not too many) as you attempt to complete the book in time.

Don’t forget if you want to have a ‘personal blog’ that’s fine too, but try and keep all your blog posts that concern your book on the book blog. That way your eventual reader will not be distracted by having to read three chapters on how you went back and forth to the vets every evening for six months with a sick cat/dog/parrot. Although, come to think of it, that might link in rather well….the writer struggles on bravely in an attempt to complete a masterpiece, despite having a sick parrot….could work I guess.

So your blog follows the process of getting your book written…the intense highs when words, sentences, paragraphs fly onto the page….and the depressing lows when you can’t even begin a sentence and make it to the full stop. Been there, done that, bought the T shirt.

At the end of twelve months…voila… have TWO books…the children’s story and your fascinating blog.

Turning your book and blog into self published books is easy enough….you contact me at or and we publish and print them or upload them to the Kindle (or both) and begin promoting like mad.

Turning blogs into books is beginning to take off, and I predict in a year’s time you’ll see ‘blog books’ selling rather well online. As I say, if you fancy having a go, please get in touch and let’s see what we can do.