SELF PUBLISHING ON KINDLE – Have Any Books On Kindle Ever Sold No Copies?

I wasn’t planning on writing a post on the blog today but my attention was caught by one of the Google Search terms that helped someone find my blog…..the phrase being “Have Any Books On Kindle Ever Sold No Copies?

Answer. Plenty. How come?

‘Lack of any form of proper promotion’ would be my first answer I suppose. If no one knows about your book no one will buy it. It makes sense.

The second answer would be ‘If the subject of the book is so obscure and seemingly irrelevant to 99.9999% of potential readers then that might be a problem’. I can’t think of a good example to quote off the top of my head but how about “Yemeni Basket Weaving for the Lost and Bewildered”? (Apologies to all those Yemeni basket weavers reading this post…I’m sure Yemeni baskets are fantastic…come to think of it I might be interested in that book myself. I fit all the criteria).

Third I guess is if the book is totally hopeless….badly written, full of mistakes, ridlled wiht typo’s, and unedited. Believe me, if you upload a book like that to Kindle you will soon get found out, so to speak.

Will that do for starters? I’m sure there are a hundred and one (at least) other reasons why a book might not sell any copies but if your book hits the mark on my first three suggestions then there’s no point going any further.

But seriously, if I may, even good books, well written and promoted, can sit there on Kindle and earn nothing. Nada. It happens all the time, But that’s the nature of the beast. There is so much competition out there these days it’s not easy.

You just have to be honest with yourself and try and be objective about your book….and don’t expect miracles. So, upload your book, take a punt, promote it, and see what happens.  You have nothing to lose. You never know there might be zillions of potential basket weavers out there.


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5 responses to “SELF PUBLISHING ON KINDLE – Have Any Books On Kindle Ever Sold No Copies?”

  1. joelghames says :

    You’d have to really not care very much, wouldn’t you? I mean, to fail to ask anyone you know, friends, family, anyone with a Kindle, to shell out a couple of bucks for you…. Oh – there’s another couple of reasons right there: everyone you know dislikes you; and you’ve wildly overpriced your offering.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Funnily enough I know one writer (a really nice chap) who suggested to all his family and friends that they should buy one of his Kindle books because it was a really good read, and they all gushingly said it would be the first thing they did when they went onto their computers back at home. And the result? Not one sale.

      I do totally agree with you about overpricing though ….it’s a common mistake.

      • Femi says :

        Hello there!
        Finally I made a sale… The feeling wasn’t any different from what it used to be but then again, I Bless God… Thanks for the help

  2. kindle says :

    Thank you for posting such great content. I really appreciate it.I love reading this type of content and your site definitely was not boring.

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