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Final Draft – A Must For Screenplay Writers

From time to time I’m asked for my advice about screenplay writing software and what would I recommend?

Well, it’s an easy answer to give. For me there is only one piece of software you need and that’s FINAL DRAFT. It is without doubt the best formatting tool for your screenplays and makes life so very, very easy if you want to begin typing straight away and see your work look like a professional Hollywood script from the opening line. It’s the industry standard and used and respected by top professionals around the world.

Now I have to admit there is a problem. Price. The current version of Final Draft (8) is expensive at £125, there’s no getting away from that, but in the long run if you’re at all serious about producing pro-looking scripts that might find a buyer you’ll need it. And you can write it off against tax.

So, if you simply must have a copy and you’re willing to splash the cash then I’d recommend you buy it from Amazon. It’s the best price around and you can buy safely. I know some people won’t buy anything from Amazon for various reasons, but that’s the choice that’s your to make. I’ve included a link to Amazon below.

I’m lucky. I originally bought Final Draft 6 for a snip and I still use it. The upgrades have introduced lots of new features which are all helpful but for a basic film screenplay or TV sitcom or drama the older versions of Final Draft are fine.