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PSEUDONYMS – Every Writer and Blogger Should Use Them

Just a quick bit of banter about surnames (and pseudonyms) while I’m having a milky coffee and taking a mid-morning break.

First up let’s look at surnames….how do you feel about yours? Like it? Love it? Loathe it? Don’t give a jot either way?

Personally, I don’t much care for mine. Sorry and all that, but it’s not really my cup of tea (or milky coffee). People get it wrong all the time. On the phone is a nightmare. “Name please?” “Truelove” “Thankyou Mr True.” “No, it’s True Love” “That’s what I’ve just written down, Mr True.” “Look love, it’s Truelove love, not True, love.”

Envelopes are interesting too. I once received a letter addressed to Mr Treeloaf. ¬†Now that I like. It has a certain something to it that’s right up my street….it’s bizarrely surreal yet somehow appealing.

However, let’s segue unconvincingly to Pseudonyms for writers. I love ’em. I think every writer or blogger should have at least a dozen pseudonyms at their disposal. Mix and match for the kind of thing they’re writing at the moment. Lovely jubbly. They would certainly work for me.

Some days I feel like Brett Stormhouse (definitely fiction….war stories….terrorist stuff….international spies). Usually Mondays.

Tuesdays I’m slightly mellower and often come over all Sheridan Knottingley. (I like to try my hand at historical novels/heaving bosoms/lace up corsets, that kind of thing)

By Wednesday I’m grittier, more kitchen sink, Ted Cupboard. (I tend to call a spade a right bloody shovel)

Thursday I prefer to be a little more off the wall, River Trent (that’s when I write my best poetry)….

Friday is usually a toss up between Rock Candy or Fluff Arizona (and I have the outfits and outrageous chick lit ¬†sales to prove it)….

Saturday, I often take a punt at writing silly fiction for our younger readers. Basil Baggytrousers. A little over the top I know, but the kids seem to like it.

Sunday I’m back to something more down to earth, Dick Soil (that’s my psychological thriller with an unfathomable twist at the end of the story pseudonym. You’ll find me all over Amazon).

Right, enough of this tosh…..back to work…..well, I say work, I’m currently having a day off, pleasing myself, and chipping away at some of my recent outdoor stone ‘sculptures’ (I use the term loosely)…. and I’m definitely not in Truelove mode….more Eddie Limestone…..or Mike Marble.