I’m Not Going To Write Today – But I’m Going To Do A Lot Of Thinking – And Wire Twisting.

‘Where do ideas come from?’ I wish I had a pound (dollar, euro) for every time I’ve read or heard that question. Where would I be now?

Well, not here, obviously. I would be sipping something cool and refreshing under a palm tree on a desert island of my own surrounded by sun-kissed dusky maidens…..no, we’ll not go there for now, there may be children present.

However, as it’s Monday morning I thought I would re-visit the question, briefly.

I had a sort of ‘day off’ yesterday. Only two phonecalls and no one knocking on the door. Great. A day to do some serious writing. But to be honest I just fancied ‘messing about’.

I rather like messing about. It’s what I do extraordinarily well. People who know me comment on the fact that if medals were handed out for extreme feats of messing about I would have a string of gold ones hanging around my neck. Medals, that is.

So, yesterday was a messing about day. And what did I do instead of writing?

I messed about with some small sculptures….I use the term sculptures in its loosest sense…..they are nothing more than weirdly shaped bird forms. I make them in idle moments from wire, masking tape, papier mache and lots of PVA glue. It’s therapeutic. I wire up – I switch off.

Now before you switch me off, bear with me, there is a point to this…somewhere. Ah yes, here it is. As I was wire twisting and gluing….well, an absolute torrent of ideas flooded through my head. Ideas about writing.

New plotlines, solutions to dead ends in all my unfinished stories, ideas for short one act plays, presentations, interesting characters I should develop, the list could go on for another half dozen paragraphs but I’ll spare you. I realise Monday may be a busy day for you. Other fish to fry etcetera.

It was a waterfall of wonderful ideas. Niagara times a hundred. Amazing. Honestly, I couldn’t stop ‘thinking’…..that sounds extremely silly even as I type this, but it’s true.

So I kept on wire-fiddling and as my fingers twisted the wire this way and that into rather interesting shapes, so whatever electrical connections there are in my brain began to wire themselves together too. There must be some neuro-mumbo-jumbo term to describe it but it’s not in my dictionary.

It was an illuminating afternoon to say the least. You’ll be glad to hear I scribbled all the ideas down too, between breaks to allow the glue to dry….

So where do ideas come from? Wiring up. I may do it again today.


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8 responses to “I’m Not Going To Write Today – But I’m Going To Do A Lot Of Thinking – And Wire Twisting.”

  1. C.J. Black says :

    Still can not fathom where ideas come from, all I know is once I pick up a pen or pencil I’m in scribble mode.

  2. A Golden Gate State of Mind says :

    As Robert Hunter, lyricist for the Grateful Dead, put it: “Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right”. Ideas come more readily when unforced, when you empty your mind and eliminate all the other clutter in your head.

  3. casmiraharrison says :

    There’s an episode of The Big Bang Theory that illustrates your point well.
    Basically, it refers to Einstein’s use of work at the patent office to solve theoretical problems.

    I run into this problem all the time at work. Stressed atmosphere + frazzled, chaotic state as deadlines near = least beneficial thought process. In other words, Descartes got it wrong.

    Should’ve been, “I think… therefore, I don’t.”

  4. casmiraharrison says :

    I think about nothing for long, so to speak. As a copy editor, I remain the short-quip queen.
    This is why I’m attempting the blog. I endeavor to focus my attention for longer than 10 seconds.

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