WORDPRESS BLOGGING CRISIS – That’s It, I’m Going On A Stats Diet…!

Right. Something has to change. I’ve had enough. It can’t go on any longer. Drastic action is called for. Right now. This minute. This instant.

I’m going on a Stats Diet.

From this moment on this blogger is going to be a Stats Free Zone.

Yep. I’m cutting down looking at the horrible little things.  That’s it. I’m definitely going to do it this time.  They’re taking over my life, and I don’t like it one bit.

I know I’ve said it before but this time there will be no turning back. No Stats Snacking. No Stats with my meals. Not even a Stats Substitute patch. Nothing. Nada. I’m going one hundred percent Stats Cold Turkey. Definitely.


Well, it’s getting ridiculous. The first thing I do in the morning is have a Stats check. And what’s the last thing I do at night? Yep. You guessed it – I check my Stats. I’ve even started checking my Stats in bed. No! Stats Checking in bed..! That’s definitely asking for trouble.

But can I really do it? Of course I can. Am I a man or a mouse? Don’t answer that. I already know what you’re thinking. You think I won’t be able to pull it off.

But to prove I’m a real man I’m going to do it just when the Stats have become important in my life. I’ve reached a time where a ‘significant number’ looms large….yes, you’ve guessed it – almost 200 followers. I think I’m about three short at the moment but I don’t want to look…..I daren’t…..I need to take control of my life again.

Or maybe one last look is okay? Just a peek? That would be all I would need to satisfy the craving. Just one little Stats check . Then I promise I won’t bother with them ever again.




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23 responses to “WORDPRESS BLOGGING CRISIS – That’s It, I’m Going On A Stats Diet…!”

  1. smoothreentry says :

    Why are stats so addicting?

  2. writegoodbooks says :

    I think it’s the insecurity coming out in all of us, well those of us who desperately want to be ‘appreciated’ even in some small way.

    The problem I find so irritating is that despite knowing that the vast majority of ‘likes’ are from other bloggers who don’t read the post and who just want to be ‘liked in return’ to boost their stats I still enjoy seeing a large number of ‘views’ appear on my stats.

    Yep, I think it’s insecurity plain and simple. To be perfectly honest I would prefer to see no stats at all….ever. It would be best for all concerned if WordPress kept them to themselves.

    Actually, thinking about it, it’s probably the fact that the Stats appear to give us ‘instant feedback’,,,the kind of buzz a stand-up comedian must get….tell a joke and you immediately get laughter….maybe. Or just that, as writers, most people rarely get the chance to feel they’re ‘connecting with others directly’. It’s all a tad remote….Wordpress offers instant gratification, of a sort.

    In other words, I have no idea.

  3. pandorasisland says :

    Totally agree about the insecurity thing. Everyone wants to feel noticed in this world. I find I am checking stats when I need a boost to my ego (and often the reverse happens). It is when I write for absolutely no one else but myself and perhaps a higher power that I put out mys best work. Then if I could just leave it at that and believe it…

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Yes, it’s the believing in it that is difficult….I sometimes wish I could just put it out there and not care. But I suppose it’s the ‘caring’ that makes it worthwhile. But what do I know?

  4. muriellerites says :

    I never even knew they existed, but now that I read your post I hope I don’t go looking for them.

  5. crankycaregiver says :

    I admit…I’m a stats addict. But, I put them to good use. I see what subjects capture the readers attention and which ones drop like a bomb. When I’m looking for a inspiration..I try to keep in mind what people are reading..and my stats give me that!

    Some of the stats..well, I’m not sure what they even mean (like Clicks). But, I do control my “stat checking” so I’m sure you’ll succeed in overcoming that “stat itch”. 🙂

  6. Michael D. Kelleher says :

    That was a hoot. Nicely done. Thanks.

  7. warmginger says :

    I’m equally guilty. I managed to boost my own stats last week by accident: Ooh, look, lots of new views from right here in Qatar…the word’s spreading. Then I realised it had been me logging back in after tinkering all day with my work site!

  8. Nicola Isabelle says :

    Not mocking you, honest! But I also wonder why stats are so addicting. I suppose I understand the insecurity part, but wouldn’t obsessing over the number of visitors (or lack thereof) make that even worse?

    Personally, I check the stats maybe about once a month (I have a feeling that most of my Dutch visitors are in fact my parents or relatives referred by my parents) and generally don’t care a whole lot about my blog traffic. I find it only distracts me, puts my focus off, and that’s reason enough for me to ignore stats over relatively long periods.

    That being said, I do check out the emails I get after people click ‘like’ or leave (private/message) comments. If people take the time to look at my stuff, I like to return the favour.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      I guess it’s just wanting to have some kind of recognition that what you’re doing is ‘connecting’ in some way. Stats are a nonsense, we all know that, but in and among all the casual (bogus?) ‘likes’ there are real people who do enjoy what you’re writing about….at least that’s how it seems to me.

      • Nicola Isabelle says :

        Thank you for the response!

        Don’t think I am not appreciative of the people stopping by and taking their time to have a look around, I am. And I am delighted when somebody leaves me a nice message or a compliment, or even a critique for that matter. Just not tracking the numbers. 🙂

  9. joelghames says :

    Having only started in the last month or so and seeing how many likes and followers the more established blogs are getting, I too am a stat addict. There are the good days (good by my standards, anyway) – and then there are the not so good ones. But that’s fine, because it’s all about punishing yourself, anyway, isn’t it? And now, suddenly, it becomes a little more important because for the first time I’ve dared to post an excerpt from my novel. I’ll be checking those stats every five minutes. And when the toddler wakes me up at three in the morning, yeah, I’ll have a quick look then, too, because I’m awake anyway….

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Yes, I can understand you wanting to receive feedback after posting an excerpt from your novel…that’s when every like and comment seems to matter. I think we all have to keep plugging away, stats or no stats.

    • theeditoffice says :

      Very interested in your comment. I only started on here a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen into the very same trap. Stats, to me, are assuming an importance that I’m not entirely sure they merit. With me it seems to go back to university and striving for perfection – a ‘first’ grade repaid all the hard work and reassured me that I knew what I was doing. During my 1st year when my grades seemed never to improve, I asked my tutor why. Got an excellent reply -sometimes it’s better to try and work out of your comfort zone. Be daring, innovative, even if it means a lower grade You’ll grow as a writer, forget about being a ‘people pleaser’. Don’t know if it helps, but it made sense to me.
      By the way, I would have loved to have read your excerpt, but I can’t seem to get past your Gravatar – that’s how new I am!

      • joelghames says :

        Thanks for your response. If you click on the full profile there should be a link to my blog – and I’m linking to the excerpt at the bottom of every post now! I’d link to it here but I’m not sure if that would be an abuse of Steve’s hospitality (I’m also new enough to worry about getting the wrong end of the rules…)

      • theeditoffice says :

        No. Seems stuck on first page. Sorry

  10. rolark says :

    I just have to say, thanks for writing about this…I’m guessing that because of the “coldness” of internet work (the lack of real human interaction–not our fault, but it’s there!), we bloggers tend to look for signs of life just to make sure we’re not all alone out here in the net… 🙂

  11. zehirablog says :

    I really enjoy your Blog and I have nominated you for the Best Moment Award.
    For details check out: http://zehirablog.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/best-moment-award/

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