BLOGGING – Maybe We Should All Write Using Text Abbreviations? (LOL)

I spent some time this weekend with….wait for it….young people. (YP) (OMG)

I can’t say it was entertaining (ICSIWE) watching them on their iFads tapping away to each other when they were in different, yet adjoining rooms, but it was educational. (BIWE)

It so fascinated me, to be frank (TBF), that I thought I would do a very short Monday blog about the influence of text messaging abbreviations, which appear to be creeping into our daily lives….and maybe, who knows into our blogs very soon.

I seem to remember many moons ago being highly amused by “TTFN” on radio….Jimmy Young on Radio 2 (apologies to anyone reading this outside the UK and under the age of 50 or so…but Jimmy Young was a radio presenter who used to sign off his programme with the saying “TTFN” (Ta ta for now)…at least that’s what I think it meant. Who knows?

These days I have to admit that texting and text abbreviations have passed me by. I think the only one I really understand is OMG (Oh My God? Oh My Goodness?).

Oh yes, there is the infamous LOL which for many months I thought was Lots Of Love….I’m still not 100% sure…does it mean Laugh Out Loud? Probably.

Anyway, back to the YP’s this weekend…(Young People). I casually asked if they could clue me up on some of their terms, and when they had all stopped laughing out loud (LOL) one of them did help out.

Here’s what I learned….but will instantly forget after today….see how many you know…

2G2BT……..PIR…….GAS (which I really like)……BSTS……CTN…….FICCL (like that too)

The answers are, too good to be true, parents in room, greetings and salutations, better safe than sorry, can’t talk now and frankly I couldn’t care less. How many did you get? If you got all of them then you’re a genius or under 20.

It set me thinking…we wrinklies ought to come up with abbreviations of our own….I now have my own made-up favourites which include

How about….  URAAPITB (You are an absolute pain in the behind)

PSDTIPIE (Please stop doing that in public it’s embarrassing)

FGSGU (For goodness sake grow up)

ITBCIMGAUWGIB (If that ball comes into my garden again you won’t get it back)

….. I’m actually contemplating doing a blog post using nothing but abbreviations….now that would save a lot of time…..but is it worth it? (IIWI?) Who knows? (WK?) “TTFN”.


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11 responses to “BLOGGING – Maybe We Should All Write Using Text Abbreviations? (LOL)”

  1. writeonthebeach says :

    Sorry for being a smart-arse :@)

  2. tfspencer says :

    I found this hilarious. I almost never use text abbreviations and it sort of slows down the reading process for me. I am a college student, but I am not that technological savvy. Are some of those abbreviations made up? Whew! I need some Ibuprofen just from reading this. Stick to real English. It’s much better…except when you LOL. Thanks for the great post. -T.F.

  3. thebloggersniche says :

    hahaha. (TPMMLOL) This post make me laughin out loud.
    I wonder what will happen if people talk in abbreviations. I might not be talking at all. 🙂

  4. writegoodbooks says :

    GIRAT………….(glad it raised a titter)

  5. Emily Anne says :

    Eek. I’m only 21 and I didn’t know half of those abbreviations! It’s funny how kids younger than I am use different abbreviations, while my friends and I stick to the originals. LMAO is still wicked popular, although rarely the sender is actually laughing his or her ass off. G2G is from AIM days for got to go, but I still throw it in sometimes to be retro. Then nm for never mind, BFD for big f***ing deal, and of course the old faithful LOL, now commonly lolz. Don’t ask why the z’s there. Maybe we’re subconsciously noting that we aren’t actually laughing aloud as much as falling asleep. In any case, funny blog! Glad I found it.

  6. arjun bagga says :

    Sadly true but I enjoyed your post thoroughly. You have a flair for humor.

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