Blogging On WordPress – Increase Visitors To Your Blog By Creating List Posts

Being something of a newbie in the blogging community I’m always happy to receive advice about the best way to blog, and yesterday I met an interesting chap who gave me one tip about how I should structure some of my posts to appeal to a wider readership. I thought I would share it with you for what it’s worth.

Now this chap knows his stuff. You just have to trust me on this. He’s not a fly by night marketing consultant or anything weird like that, he’s just a regular guy doing well for himself who I’m producing a book for, who happens to know what’s what about blogging.

His posts, and those of the people he has lectured to, have been featured on ‘Freshly Pressed’ on WordPress……something guaranteed to increase your blog’s visitors and followers many times over. I’m talking in terms of sticking a couple of noughts on the end of your normal daily stats. That much.

His one piece of advice was rather interesting and on reflection I wonder why I have never actually done it before…..and the advice was simple… “Steve, every so often upload a post that is a ‘list post’….”

So, I’ll now give you my version of what he said while we were having a coffee and a sticky bun.

A List Post starts off with a great title. Very important. Something along the lines of “Ten Things You Need To Know To Become A Successful Writer”…..

Now obviously I’ve just made that title up on the spot….it’s a subject that’s been done a zillion times but it does highlight the List concept. Yes, I also realise it does sound a tad like marketing strategy, but as I say, it does appear to work.

This kind of ‘ten things’ title gives your readers an easy to understand ‘structure’. You’re offering them a list of ten facts or statements.  Seemingly, lists are attractive….readers like them (not all obviously)….but come to think of it I like them too. I do tend to want to read them. Strange I never considered that before.

Your post should be short and to the point.

There should obviously be ten ‘things’ in your list. What I mean is, if you say ten give them ten, it could equally well be a list of just ‘three‘ things, the number is irrelevant. But, do not, and this is very important, short-change your reader by saying…  “So those are the top three things you need to know, now if you want to know what the other seven are go to my website at blah blah blah.” That is an absolute ‘No, no’.

And that’s it in a nutshell. State your ‘‘ten things’ expand on each of them in a couple of paragraphs, keep the post short, and do not wander off the subject (like I do in my posts far too often).

I’m going to give it a go in the coming weeks or so if I can come up with a worthwhile ‘list’ idea, and I’ll let you know if it works….or you could always try it yourself.


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5 responses to “Blogging On WordPress – Increase Visitors To Your Blog By Creating List Posts”

  1. crankycaregiver says :

    What a great piece of advice and so kind of you both to share it!

  2. A Golden Gate State of Mind says :

    Steve, I’ve done it occasionally on my blog e.g. My San Francisco Top Ten” and “My Ten Favourite Christmas Songs” and it does work – provided the subject matter is interesting enough!

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