A Book In A Day – A Fantastic Way To Celebrate Any Event

I will try to be brief. I’m dashing off up north to meet a client and do some shopping on the way back in York and I’m already behind schedule.

One of my previously published authors phoned me yesterday and asked “Steve, how quick can you produce a book for me? The village where I live has an important ‘event’ coming up in a couple of weeks and I’d like to get my book out about the history of the area to coincide with the day and make some sales.”

My answer was brief. “A day.” His answer was equally succinct. “Really?” “Yep.”

Obviously printing time can vary, that’s more or less out of my control, but the printing firms I use are fantastic at meeting deadlines if I stress there actually is a real time constraint.

So he was happy. He knows he still has a week or so to finalise his manuscript and I can turn it round for him in a day, and then maybe 14 days to print, still leaving him plenty of time to promote it and then sell it on the big day.

And this set me thinking about something that I used to do a lot at one time, and really should encourage others to have a go at, especially so these days with the availability of online ePublishing.

This is how it works….let’s say your village or club or whatever is having an ‘Event Day’. For simplicity sake let’s say it’s “Newvillage Celebrates 100 years of Existence”….a couple of weeks before the event stick up some flyers telling the village that you’re going to do a book (eBook) featuring old photos and interviews on the day…or including any writing that villagers might have done, reminiscences etc. The earlier you can promote this and spread the word the better.

So, ask for old photo contributions…and written text…..well in advance.

On the day do the interviews yourself or rope in a couple of chums to do it with you. And everything you gather on the day goes into the book. Either record it on video (that in itself could be very valuable) or just audio and transcribe it later, or scribble what they have to say in a reporter’s notepad. Get as many interviews as possible and make a note of everyone’s name….I also used to take snapshot photos of every contributor. People like having their photos in books…..trust me on this.

You put the whole thing together in a couple of days,  just in Microsoft Word, and put it up onto Kindle….and encourage the villagers to download the book for their Kindles or point them to your website where they can get the link to download ‘Kindle for PC’ or Kindle for their App.

The Book In A Day works well and can generate a massive amount of interest when promoted in the right manner. It can also raise funds for organisations. It may seem like a lot of work, but it usually pays back ‘big time’ in finding out about others living in the village and the history and heritage of an area.

Commercial Break: If any of the above sounds interesting and you’d like any more info please get in touch. If there’s any part of it you can’t manage and you want me to help, feel free to contact me. It’s what I do.


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