WordPress Blogging – Don’t Ask How Often You Should Write A New Post, Ask How Often Your Followers Want To Read One?

Okay, I know there are at least a million websites and blogs out there that deal with the question “How often should I post a new blog to be successful?” and if you spend a day or two browsing through their sites you’ll come up with an answer….well two actually.

Answer 1 states that to get maximum exposure for your writing and to promote yourself as a writer you need to blog every day. This increases your chances of being found in search engine results and raises your profile. Okay, this makes sense. I’ve also read that to become a ‘power blogger’ you need to post 3 to 5 times a day. Really? Sacre bleu.

But what they should say (and some do to be fair) is that if the content of your blog is sub-standard or uninspiring or just plain boring then even if you upload five posts a day it won’t work. Forget search engine results – the point is your readers, your faithful followers, your visitors will not enjoy the experience. They are the ones that count.

Yes, you are the writer, but your readers decide if you’re any good or not. Not you. I think it’s a point we all tend to gloss over from time to time. We can get too wrapped up in the ‘ME’ experience.

Answer 2 states that blogging two or three times a week is better. There is less stress on your readers to follow every post, you’re not under pressure to produce a terrific blog post every day, and you’ll still get good exposure in search engines. Okay, fair enough again.

So, which answer is right?

I suspect there is no right answer, it depends on you the writer. You have to feel comfortable with what you’re producing and how often you enjoy blogging and if you really have something worthwhile to say.  But, I’ll say this again, it’s your readers who decide if you’re any good or not and if you’re worth following. This applies with your self-published books too. Have a think about that.

I personally read posts by bloggers I enjoy, who make me laugh, who raise interesting questions or who I can see are passionate about what they write about, and who have obviously put their heart and soul into the blog. It shows in their writing. You can tell they love doing it.

For example, I have no particular interest in ‘flowers’ as such, but I regularly read a blog about flower arranging (of all things) that is written with such great passion and sincerity, and that is interesting and inspiring that I just have to keep checking it out. Isn’t that what we should all be trying to do as writers?

As a final thought…..I always advise new writers to blog. Why? Because it gets them into the writing habit, which is great, but more important than that it also gives them an insight into what people want to read.

It gives them instant feedback and in some ways it helps them realise that any books they may write in the future need to have a ‘readership’ and a ‘following’….people who will read everything they publish because they know the writer has invested time and ‘passion’ into the project.

So next time you ask yourself “How often should I be blogging?” ask yourself instead “How often do my followers want to read what I write?


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20 responses to “WordPress Blogging – Don’t Ask How Often You Should Write A New Post, Ask How Often Your Followers Want To Read One?”

  1. Zen A. says :

    You raise a fair point. Personally I prefer to blog two or three times a week because I find it too pressuring to produce a decent blog post every day, and also because I do not want to pressure followers to read. One should just find what works best for them and stick to it. Consistency is key.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Consistency is exactly right in my opinion. Your followers and visitors know what to expect and you deliver….it’s the ‘unwritten contract’ of writing.

      Thanks for the reply. Good to hear from you.

  2. Dave Higgins says :

    I find a schedule very helpful, both as a writer and reader of blogs. As well as keeping the blog in the sweet spot between overwhelming and forgettable it acts as a limiter to the desire to blog about anything that affects us as soon as it happens. I can get that from Twitter, &c.

    in my experience many power bloggers break this expectation that a post will contain considered thought; several of their daily posts will be a video without commentary, or a reblog of another post with a quick “I just read this. You really should too.”

  3. MishaBurnett says :

    My goal is three times a week, but not on any set day. I usually do four or five–sometimes more if I’m feeling particularly verbose. I don’t read every blog from every blogger I follow, I usually read the headline and the first sentence of the preview, and if that grabs me I click on it, otherwise I move on to the next.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Thanks Misha.

      A handy hint there for all bloggers to consider……”GET THE TITLE RIGHT….and the opening paragraph of course, and you have a better chance of attracting attention…”

      Mind you, if the rest of the post is not up to scratch that’s bad news.

  4. thebloggersniche says :

    Reblogged this on thebloggersniche and commented:
    Wondering how many times should you post on your blog?
    Ask yourself, How many times my reader wants to read my post.

    An interesting insight on how frequent you should update your blog.

  5. crankycaregiver says :

    I really haven’t set a goal as to how much or when I blog. If I have something to say; I say it. If I don’t, I read other blogs! This makes me a happy blogger; I don’t know about others.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      That makes total sense. I can understand how you feel.

      At the end of the day it’s what you feel comfortable with that counts. There are zillions of bloggers out there who just do it for a bit of fun and get great enjoyment out of the whole business….and long may it stay that way.

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and contribute. I appreciate it very much. I love your Gravatar icon by the way……very eye catching.

  6. Sunny Sodday says :

    This one was everything I wanted to know. Thanks 🙂

  7. Michelle Proulx says :

    3-5 times per day? That would drive me crazy — as a reader. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the people who post once a day, let along 3 or … my head’s hurting just thinking about it!

  8. smoothreentry says :

    This is the third “aha” moment I’ve this week in regards to outdated blogging assumptions.

    The first aha: I learned that I was using too many tags and categories. This increased search engine traffic at the expense of fellow blogger traffic, and the fellow blogger traffic way more important for a hobby blog such as mine when the goal is for people to actually read and interact.

    The second aha: The commonly held belief that posts should be at least 500 words long is outdated. Another one of my “role model” blogs posts high quality content with less than 500 words frequently.

    The third aha: Quality over quantity. As you say in your post, a post a day has always been the standard. I noticed today that my favorite blog–the one I would like to be when I grow up–publishes one post a week. That’s it. Just one. And it is a very successful blog in terms of what it is trying to do. Once I saw his posting frequency I did a search and found this post.

    My theory is the an excellent post should have time in the limelight at the top of the main page. It stands to reason that sandwiching an excellent post between two mediocre posts only distracts from the highest quality content. I now think that one or two damn good posts per week is better than one or two good posts with a couple of “fillers” thrown in.

    Those are my observations this week.


    • writegoodbooks says :

      Interesting Ahahs…..and thanks for taking the time to list them for us….it’s appreciated.

      I post daily blogs….and the reason I do it is because I enjoy writing, and also to see what kind of reaction, if any, I get from my visitors.

      Having said that I am considering reducing my posts to perhaps two a week, to see what kind of response that gets….

      As for ensuring two posts a week would be of a higher quality than the dailies….well, I suspect they would be more or less the same…the usual mixed bag.

      Hope some of that makes sense….all the best.

  9. A Golden Gate State of Mind says :

    Can’t say I’m very successful in adhering to the principle, but ideally, subject to other commitments and a modicum of inspiration (sic), I like to post at least once, and preferably, twice a week. However, I’ve got into the habit of maintaining a daily, or at least as frequently as possible, travel diary when I’m away from home, for example in San Francisco or on our recent road trip of the national parks of the American west.

  10. writegoodbooks says :

    I can see the sense in keeping a daily travel diary….

    Wow….road trip of the national parks…..lucky chap. Sounds brilliant.

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