Setting Up A Second WordPress Blog – A Problem To Watch Out For

Here’s a little piece of advice for you if you’re ever thinking of setting up a second WordPress blog….

Let’s say you have a blog, Molly The Manic Mechanic. Everything is fine, you’re blogging away and you have followers and lots of comments. Great.

However, you also have your own florist business called Dainty Daffodils and you’d rather like to blog about that but keep it separate from the mechanic blog….it’s understandable. Not for any devious reason, just to keep up your street cred with your mechanic (or daffodil) pals.

Right… WordPress allows you to create a second blog (or as many as you want). You choose a name for your blog ‘Dainty Daffodils’ ( and pick a daffodil as your Gravatar and off you go blogging away, knowing your mechanic and daffodil readers will not get to know about the other… I say, nothing underhand, just that you’d prefer not to mix the two businesses.

All is well and your blogging away as Molly The Manic Mechanic, but then you switch to your Dainty Dafodils blog and notice someone has commented on one of your posts about growing daintier daffodils. You decide to reply… type “Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated…..” and then click on the ‘Reply’ button.

Oooooops. Instead of the reply coming from Dainty Daffodils and your flower gravatar it automatically replies as your ‘main blog’ persona Molly The Manic Mechanic and the gravatar of you in your dirty overalls. Ah. A problem. Yep.

The solution. If you want to keep your second blog completely separate from your first, then you have to set up a completely separate blog from scratch….using a different email address.

Then when you set up Dainty Daffodils it is not in any way linked or associated with your Molly The Manic Mechanic blog. It’s a bit of a faff (in my opinion) as you have to keep logging in and out of each blog to post or reply to a comment, but it seems that is the only way around it.

Obviously if you’re not really bothered about the readers of your second blog also checking out your first blog then there is no problem, but I can see lots of reasons why you might want to keep two blog ‘personas’ apart…..

If anyone knows of a better or alternative way of keeping the two apart, please let me know.


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4 responses to “Setting Up A Second WordPress Blog – A Problem To Watch Out For”

  1. francisguenette says :

    Even with two different email addresses you have to be careful if using the same computer. My husband and I both have Word Press blogs – if I don’t totally log out from my stats page and my dashboard (if I happened to have them both open) he can go on and think he is signed onto his site and end up liking things as me instead of him. Believe me – I’ve seen myself liking some things I probably wouldn’t have 😉

  2. thehealthybacon says :

    Great post! I currently just have one WordPress blog, but your advice is good to keep in mind if I decide to start a second. 🙂

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Yes it’s something I never thought about when I first began blogging…..

      the real problem arises if you come up with a really great name for your new second blog, and you set it up alongside your old blog….but when you find out the two are not actually ‘separate’ you have to ditch the great name one and set up another independent blog.

      Now comes the problem… can’t use the great name as you’ve already registered it alongside the original first blog….I had exactly that issue when I first tried to set up my second blog…..and had to settle for a blog name that wasn’t quite as good.

      That all sound very complicated, sorry about that, but hopefully if you read it a couple of times what I’m trying to say does make sense.

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