“White Rabbits” – More Information Overload For Writers And Bloggers

As it’s the first of the month I thought I would say “White Rabbits” first thing this morning. I have no idea why other than it’s supposed to be lucky. Or do you have to say it three times? Dunno.

I decided to Google the question “Why do we say White Rabbits on the first of every month? And where did it originate? And why?

The trouble with Googling a question like that is you get answers. Thousands of them. Too many answers. I gave up after ten minutes. Sometimes an overload of information can turn me off. I suppose new bloggers and writers get this feeling all the time.

Try Googling ‘advice for writers’ or ‘self publishing advice’ or even ‘how to blog better’ and you’ll be reading for days. Weeks probably. It seems everyone has an opinion and something to say about the subject. Some of it is very good too, but a lot is re-hashed generalisation which, to be honest, isn’t that helpful. Yes, information overload can be a bad thing.

Sometimes you just have to go it alone, and trust in your own instincts. Write something and put it out there. Blog. Publish a short story online for the Kindle. Write articles for magazines. Send entertaining emails to friends. Keep it simple….and inexpensive.

Experiment. Some days be serious, other days try and shoe-horn in a touch of humour. Pretty soon you’ll get a sense of what works and what doesn’t, and hopefully, you’ll get feedback.

If you feel what you’re writing is just not working then why not try another style? Find yourself another ‘voice’. Don’t be tempted to stick to the same old familiar ‘style’ of writing or genre, be experimental. You have nothing to lose…….

However, that’s enough information overload for one day….let’s get back to the ‘White Rabbits’ conundrum.

In general, I prefer not to run with the crowd, so I have decided  to make up my own ‘lucky saying’ and leave it at that.

But what? It needs to be something I will remember on the first day of every month. I know. “Where’s my other sock?” Perfect.

I have to admit it’s a bit of a con. I say that first thing every morning. So does it count? Yes, I think it does. Call it an executive decision.

So from today onwards on the first of every month I will utter the lucky phrase “Where’s my other sock?” Let’s see if it works.

Perhaps you’d care to join me? Or would you rather choose one of your own? Ladies, feel free to amend ‘sock’ to any other form of leg-attire or under-garment, or whatever it is you wear these days. I have absolutely no idea what that might be.

Actually, for me, the experiment is ruined for March before it even gets off the ground as I seem to remember easing myself out of bed this morning and saying “Bugger” as my left foot hit the frosty linoleum. So maybe I’ll just skip the luck for March, and give it another go in April.

Second thoughts, I need as much luck as I can get these days so let’s give it a whirl. What harm can it do? “Where’s my other sock?” I will report back if any decent wodge of luck passes my way in the next 31 days.


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