Blogging On WordPress – Good Days, And Not So Good Days?

I’ve been blogging every day, more or less, for around two months now and although I’m trying to look at it as a long term project I have to admit I still fall into the ‘must check my stats’ trap.

I know, I shouldn’t do it, I should just blog away and if others want to come along and read it fine. If not, hey ho, that’s life, move on, you can’t please all the people all the da da da dah.

But every morning I check my emails…. “Sacre bleu, another follower. No, two. And three likes”…..

It’s sad I know. But it does raise an interesting point.

I can clearly see there is a pattern emerging about my stuttering stats.

Monday…well, I might as well blog about the price of sardines in Mesopotamia for all the views I get. Diabolical. I get more views through my kitchen window – at least the post lady looks in to see if I’m walking about in my underwear again.

Tuesday. Ah, good old Tuesday. After suicidal Monday we get the adrenaline rush and all-day high of Tuesday. This is consistently my best day. Why is that? Is Tuesday a slack day at work for everyone, allowing them a couple of hours in the afternoon to check out what’s new on WordPress? I have no idea. But on Tuesday I feel great.  I’m in love with the world. Even the post lady.

Wednesday. Well, it’s like nothing really. Bland. I try to let Wednesday slip by. I shop. I re-wallpaper the hall. Anything to take my mind off the nothingness of my stats. There are some views, but not enough to cause a ripple of excitement.

Thursday. Now that’s more like it. It must be another quiet day at work for most of my visitors. I’m okay again. Life is worthwhile. Thursday is like a warm wet towel on my face. I could stay like this forever.

Friday is ‘anything can happen day’. Friday is exciting. The weekend starts here.  Optimism is high. It could be a record breaker. The post lady even manages a peek through the window and a smile. I wish she wouldn’t when I’m in my underwear.

Saturday is a nightmare. It’s almost as bad as Monday. Is everyone out shopping? They must be. Somewhere at the back of my mind a line from a Frank Sinatra song croons in my ear ‘Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week….’ Too right. Where is the post lady now I need her?

Sunday‘I’m on the top of the world, looking down on creation…..” Awful song, but you get the message. The stats have gone crazy…I’m happy again. Life IS worth living…..amazing. What a shame there is no post today.

Anyone else recognise the pattern? Or do you have one of your own?


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10 responses to “Blogging On WordPress – Good Days, And Not So Good Days?”

  1. Steve says :

    Hi Steve,

    When I first started blogging, yes, I was the same 🙂 I’ve learnt since, partly through looking at my own habits.

    When you look at your stats you have to remember that other folk have the same Life issues as you, and sometimes more. Some won’t go online at all for days on end, others will perform only specific tasks on particular days. One follower may read your blog within minutes of its posting while another may read it a week or more later – if they look back beyond the latest post. Some folk place checking blogs low on their priority lists. If somebody comments and their comment gets lost in the spam box, they might take offence and not come back. In other words: the behaviour of readers is entirely random. And never forget – people find blogs in the oddest ways, so all your carefully thought out publicity may have absolutely nothing to do with it. At the end of the day, all you can do is keep on blogging as if you had a million readers 🙂

    Ah, the joys of blogging.

  2. Molly B and Me says :

    I am also embarrassingly addicted to my stat box. I’m finding the real joy, though, in reading other great blogs — like yours. Write on, my friend, and I’ll slog forward as well..

    • writegoodbooks says :

      What an amazingly nice comment. I am very grateful. Thankyou. It has cheered up a rather mundane Wednesday.

    • jennifermzeiger says :

      So true, Molly B and Me, there are some great blogs out there and I find the more active I am on other sites, the more interaction I get on my own. I’ve heard over and over to be generous and people will return the favor. It’s true. Also, I’m addicted to the stats box too. It is embarrassing *ducks head and blushes* but what’s a girl to do?

      • Christi says :

        I agree, Jennifer — the more active I am on other blogs, the more readers seem to visit my blog. It’s a reap-what-you-sow kind of thing. The stats are pretty interesting to follow and figure out where readers might be coming from, so I end up checking them pretty frequently, too. 🙂

  3. Opinionated Miscellany says :

    Blogging is definitely a roller coaster activity if one pays too much attention to the stats. I just try to remember that I started blogging as a means to address a desire to express myself in writing. The rest is gravy, as they say. Enjoy yourself and keep on writing.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      Is it Bisto gravy? I grew up on Bisto. Although I must admit I tried the new, improved Knorr beef stock cubes only last week but found them rather salty…..aaahhhhhh Bisto…!.

      Apologies to anyone not from the UK reading this, who will assume I am some kind of idiot.

  4. robakers says :

    Like you, I do look at the stats and like you I wonder why they vary. What I have learned is that the stats tell only half of the story. Because you don’t know what that person thought when they were looking at your site. You just know they looked.

    I truly value the people who like the post and who make comments. Then I get to know what they are thinking. The folks who follow me are the most humbling to me because they actually want to know what will happen next. It makes me nervous to think of it like that, but if I have been honest when I write, then it validates what I say.

    Either way, I really enjoy your posts because you present a real world experience and concrete facts that many others just cannot give. Thank you for taking the time to shine the flashlight behind the curtain.

    • writegoodbooks says :

      I think you’re right about ‘not knowing what the person thought’ when they found themselves on the blog post….I suspect a lot of my ‘viewers’ are just passing through on the way to finding something of real interest…..

      However, the whole blogging experience is worth all the angst and fretting when one receives such great comments as yours. As always it is genuinely appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to reply.

      I particularly like your ‘flashlight’ comment at the end……very flattering…..unfortunately I’m using those very cheap Poundshop batteries so my light tends to flicker and die out every ten minutes or so.

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