eBooks For The Kindle – Did You Know You Can Read Them On Any Device?

One of the things you always have to keep reminding yourself in the world of Self Publishing is that there are still thousands of people out there who don’t know all the ins and outs of the book publishing process, and that you should never assume even well-read writers have prior knowledge about anything in this game. Take for example eBooks for the Kindle.

Now I do a lot of manuscript conversions for the Kindle here in the U.K. and I still work with writers who have little or no knowledge of how the Kindle works or how having your book available for the Kindle reader can raise your profile as a budding new writer.

Sure, they know about the Kindle, and everybody they chat to says ‘You need to get your book on the Kindle‘  but they are still in the dark about how it all works and what the options are.

For example, only last week I converted a manuscript for a writer who is a pretty shrewd cookie, and yet when her friends told her they didn’t own a Kindle they all assumed, the writer included, that none of them would be able to read the eBook. All parties involved own a laptop I’m sure, and yet not one of them had a clue about Kindle For The PC…..the free download that allows you to read all the Kindle books on your computer. So you don’t even need a Kindle reader. As I say, it’s dangerous to assume that everybody knows this kind of thing.

When I told her about Kindle For The PC she was staggered…”What? Really? Why did no one ever tell me?

Naturally she contacted all her colleagues and told them to download the free Kindle software immediately and buy her book. You can get to the free download page by simply Googling  ‘Kindle for PC‘. The download takes less than a minute and once you have it you can begin downloading free sample chapters of all the books you think you might be interested in, and hopefully buy a few.

Mac owners are catered for too…it’s not just available for the PC. But better still, if you Google Kindle free Apps then you will find Apps for ALL your devices….iPads, iPhones, smartphones, computers and tablets. You name it. You can read your Kindle books anywhere and just about on anything….

As I say, for many this is general knowledge, but there are still zillions of people out there who have never been told this kind of information and so I’m making a point of spreading the word. Everyone I chat to these days is an opportunity to promote the Kindle and eBooks by writers I know and like. Will it make a difference? Well, it already has…… I rest my case.


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About writegoodbooks

I help new writers become published authors through self-publishing. I also offer writers the chance to have their work converted into Kindle eBooks and publish them on the Amazon Kindle store.

5 responses to “eBooks For The Kindle – Did You Know You Can Read Them On Any Device?”

  1. Emmy says :

    Indeed, I did not know. My ebook world has just become a universe, Thanks, Emmy

  2. MishaBurnett says :

    I have had enough comments from people who have said, “I want to read your book, but I don’t have a Kindle” that I have been considering making a page specifically to links to e-book reader programs. B&N offers a Nook reader app as well.

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