Awards – Are They Worth Anything? Do You Want One?

It’s seems every time you turn on the TV, browse online or flip through the newspaper there is some kind of awards ceremony being promoted or celebrated. Everybody wins an award these days. You’re nobody if you don’t have one. But do they ‘mean’ anything?

I suppose they do. If you win a movie Oscar your fee probably quadruples….if not more….but I can’t think of what the word is for ‘goes up 100 times’….? Somebody help me out.

If you win the Turner prize it means your four hour long video of a blank white wall suddenly becomes worth a few hundred million dollars and gets exhibited at MOMA. Brilliant. I want one.

So how about awards for writers? Sure, there are hundreds. And they do make a difference. They sell books. They increase your bank balance. They push you into the ‘A’ list. We should all have one. How good would that be?

The trouble is there aren’t enough to go around. Maybe we should have even more awards? Let’s have a high profile awards ceremony every week for writers…would that work? Hands up all those who think it would? I’m in. (I’m actually holding up my left hand as I type)

But hold on…aren’t there awards handed out every day? If you’ve read any of my earlier posts you’ll notice that I’m still a WordPress Newbie in the world of blogging, but even I have noticed that there are a lot of ‘blogging awards’ being distributed amongst bloggers by fellow bloggers. But do they work? I would be interested to know.

So, this morning  I resolved to set up my own private and personal award for a Writer Of Outstanding Potential And Merit Blogging On Wordpress… needs a name? Hang on….of course….WOOPAMBOW

Anybody want one? Anybody not want one? I think I will hand one out next week…maybe Sunday morning…..nothing too scientific, no strings, no questions, no hassle,  just an award to a writer on WordPress whose work I have enjoyed and who I think deserves success.

Any thoughts?





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3 responses to “Awards – Are They Worth Anything? Do You Want One?”

  1. MishaBurnett says :

    Awards have always seemed to me more about popularity and connections than actual talent. (“Lost In Translation” won a Best Screenplay Oscar, for example. Would it have won if it was written by “Sophia Smith”? I think not.)

    So when I see “award-winning” applied to something, I tend to view it as saying more about the artist’s networking skills than artistic talent.

    And the WordPress Blogger Awards, truth to tell, are essentially chain letters–each winner is supposed to nominate X number of other bloggers, so eventually everyone will win every single one–except for people like me who decline the nomination.

    I did receive one award that I do think is worth something–it’s the only one of its kind ever given out:

  2. robakers says :

    Great Post…all things being equal, I would rather have the money. ha ha

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