Two New Kindle Books and Keeping The Past Alive

Yesterday was spent converting two manuscripts for the Kindle, both very different in many ways, and yet each one a perfect example of the way online eBook publishing is revolutionising the way we self publish.

The book I converted in the afternoon will do well, I suspect. ‘Time For Your Life’ has yet to be uploaded to Amazon (probably by the weekend) and will certainly help the author break into the ePublishing market and establish her as an author of merit. More about this book and the author in later posts.

The book I worked on in the morning, ‘Old Whitwood’, is the kind of local history manuscript/book I used to produce and publish many years ago. It was written back in 1992 and privately published by historian Alice ‘Shirley’ Schofield who lives in Whitwood, a small mining village near Castleford in West Yorkshire.

Apologies to those of you reading this in New Zealand, Canada and the USA and beyond….but you could easily substitute any small village in your area back in the early 1900s, and you’ll get the picture.

‘Shirley’ has a passion for ‘Old’ Whitwood and its residents. She lives there herself in a very distinctive ‘Voysey’ house. (Google Charles Voysey architect/designer and you’ll see what I mean…).

Shirley did all the research, interviewed local residents and collected together all the photographs she could find and put the book together in the early 1990s.

Back in those days self publishing was not something you took on lightly – it was very expensive and there was no guarantee the books would sell. It was also tricky way back then to get a self published book into any High Street shop. They all had to be sold in person. One to one selling. The hard sell. So it was a brave decision on Shirley’s part to finance the project herself.

I am not certain about this, but I have a hunch that Shirley paid to have 1000 copies printed. I may be wrong, but it even if it was only 500 it would have been a major investment. In those days of course there was no digital printing (obviously) and all books had to be printed ‘offset litho’ or Proper Printing as they used to say.

Over the years the book sold, local libraries took quite a few I believe, and as far as Shirley was concerned that was it. So, somewhere out there are 500 or 1,000 ‘Old Whitwood’ books, or more likely a lot less as books do have a nasty habit of being ‘lost’ or ‘eaten by the dog’.  So imagine Shirley’s amazement and joy when I told her I could resurrect her book and convert it for the Kindle and give it a new lease of life. She was staggered.

In fact, to be honest, this is now the third book I’ve done for Shirley and each one has been a book worth preserving for the future. Without online eBook publishing, in this case for the Kindle, the information in books like these, true social history, would be lost forever. It’s something we must not let happen, and I’m delighted to be part of that process, albeit in a very small way. I’m sure both books will do well over the coming months and years and I wish them well.


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