Would Your Book Work As An Audio Book? Would It Sell?

I just thought I would ask the question – Would your book work as an audio book and if so do you think it would sell?

Obviously I have to own up here right from the start and say that Audio Books are an area of self publishing I’m keen to move into this year, but this is not meant to be an ‘ad’ for the service….(although if you do fancy it then please get in touch)….

I would be interested though in any feedback. I value your opinion.

I guess for most writers, self published or would-be self published, it’s not something that immediately springs to mind. Getting your book out there in print and/or on-line is enough to worry about for starters.

Then there is the cost. I suspect (bottom-line) that would be the deciding factor. You’re probably thinking “Surely audio books would cost an arm and a dozen legs to produce? Then how do you promote the audio book? Where? Is there an audience? Who do we know and trust to produce them?”

Good questions. Fair questions. I’ve done quite a bit of research into the idea and it would not be as expensive as you might imagine. Certainly studio costs could be eliminated at a stroke.

“Oh no, he’s going to suggest recording the audio in the kitchen?” Nope. Audio recording and editing software, plus pro quality microphones have revolutionised the business.

“Surely he’s not going to suggest we narrate the book ourselves? I would be hopeless. It would take ages. It would sound terrible.” Nope. I can think of half a dozen top actors and broadcasters who would be happy to do it for a reasonable rate just to get into the market.

“But how do we promote an audio book? Is there an audience? Getting the print version off the ground has been hard enough.” True. But like any worthwhile project you need to put work into marketing and promotion. There is a market there, it’s borne out by the figures. Audio CDs with books for children have been doing well for some time. There is a growing market for books ‘on the go’ (in the car, on the train, plane, you name it…).

Think of the possibilities of your audio on-line.

And that’s about it without going into too much detail and boring you rigid.

But one final word if I may – Audio Books are selling well. I’ve checked it out. There is a decent return to be had too. It’s worth thinking about. Definitely. If nothing else it’s another way of reaching your readers (listeners?) and increasing  book sales and raising your profile.



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3 responses to “Would Your Book Work As An Audio Book? Would It Sell?”

  1. francisguenette says :

    This sounds quite interesting and now something I want to think about and consider. It’s always good to know what markets are on the rise.

  2. Michelle Proulx says :

    Intriguing! I’ve been considering audio books, but never really thought about it seriously. I’ll probably look into it more once I’ve got a few more books under my belt 😀

  3. MishaBurnett says :

    I actually started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce Catskinner’s Book in audio format, but I didn’t make the goal. I had an independent recording artist (William Control) who was interested in doing the project, but studio time would have run about $5,000.

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