Your Writing – Making A Difference

For me, yesterday was not about writing. Yesterday was about celebrating the life of a friend who passed away last week.

It was to be a simple funeral service. Very informal. Friendly. A family affair. Brothers, children, grandchildren, work colleagues and those in the medical service who came into contact with my cousin Peter in the final couple of years of his life.

I hadn’t seen my Peter or one of his four brothers for almost fifty years. I grew up with these five cousins. They were like my elder brothers. Each in their own way had an impact on my early childhood. They made me who I am. But even having said all that it was still the  funeral of a stranger.

The small hall in a quiet West Yorkshire town was packed and throughout the service there were countless examples of how Peter had ‘made a difference‘ in his life. How he had inspired others. Changed their lives. Touched them. It was wonderful to hear.

He was a simple man at heart. He worked with wood. He had his family and friends. And that was it. Nothing flashy. Nothing grand. But you could see by the reaction of the people in the hall how he had affected all their lives in some positive way or another.

Back home last night I thought I would write something, but I simply wasn’t up to it. I tried, but it didn’t seem worth  much. And it set me thinking about writing and  ‘making a difference‘. How as a writer, you could touch people in that way.

I am no writer. I tap at the keyboard, I might make the odd funny comment. String a couple of sentences together. But make a difference? No, I don’t think so.

But great writers do. We all know that. There are thousands of examples we could all quote.

And over the years, as I’ve encouraged people to write, I’ve seen countless examples of wonderful writing from simple, ordinary folk. People in local communities who were just going about their business getting on with life, who just happened to have written ‘a bit of something’  about their lives, their town, the way it was years ago and then put it away in the drawer until I asked if I could read it. And it would almost always be amazing. Priceless.

Nothing fancy, no fine grammar. Just written from the heart. But touching. And yes, ‘making a difference‘. I can honestly say that their writing did make a difference to my life. It was inspiring.

And isn’t that an amazing thing for us all to be able to do? Whoever we are. Even if we’re only ‘writers’ for ten minutes a week.

So, if like me, you ever feel what you’re writing isn’t worth a jot, don’t give up, just keep doing what you’re doing….and know that it will ‘make a difference‘ to someone, somewhere.




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3 responses to “Your Writing – Making A Difference”

  1. writeonthebeach says :

    What a touching post Steve and written from your heart. I am sorry for your loss

  2. hawleywood40 says :

    I’ve always thought that if your words make one person laugh or help one person heal or feel like they aren’t alone in the world, then your time at the keyboard was more than worth it. Same goes for giving people inspiration, and you certainly do that in your blog! I am sorry for your loss.

  3. TC transplant says :

    Thanks for your very inspiring and heartfelt post. I’m writing to help people forge stronger and more meaningful social connections. I hope it makes a difference.

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