Where Do Ideas Come From? Shopping…!

I have had a weird morning and I thought I would pass on the experience, just to share it really….it’s something I’ve just been blogging on another site but I thought it might be of interest. Apologies if it’s not….hey ho.

I have a book for children on the go at the moment. You may have read me going on about it in recent posts. I apologise if I am becoming a bore.

Well, moving on, the manuscript is complete at last. I began writing it in mid December and gave myself until the end of January to finish it and up until noon today I was quite happy with where it was ‘at’ and ready to do a final ‘polish’.

Then I went shopping. Mundane stuff really. Bread, milk, tea bags, rhubarb crumble, the usual suspects.

So there I was making the two mile drive into town when something hit me like a wet fish in the kisser.

Steve, that ‘quarry’ scene near the end of the book simply isn’t funny enough. Make the location a disused chemical plant. Toxic waste dump…that kind of thing.”

Just like that. Not really a voice, more a realisation. More like someone sitting in the back seat of the car mumbling to no one in particular. And I overheard it.

And yes, it all made sense. Lots of ideas for gags and slapstick came to me, most of which I dismissed thank goodness, but there were nuggets of pure gold in there too. So where did it come from? The idea? I haven’t a clue.

It happened the other day too. Nothing really major as far as the plot is concerned but just a nice little ‘touch’ of humour that can easily be shoe-horned into the story to make it….er….better.

Amazing, isn’t it? If I had a sound bite for the intro to the Twilight Zone I would stick it right HERE.


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One response to “Where Do Ideas Come From? Shopping…!”

  1. Sam and the dunes says :

    Great post! It’s funny how the mind works sometimes. Often the best ideas pop up when having a break or while doing something non-work related, like driving the car 🙂

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