Writer? Self Published Author? How Can We All Make The Breakthrough To More Sales?

It’s Sunday here in the UK and time to reflect.

I keep trying to think of new ways to help writers and self published authors, you perhaps, make some kind of breakthrough. Achieve more sales. Quite significant sales. There has to be a way.

I’ve come up with various ideas and schemes in the past few months and discussed them with writers in all genres and although these ‘ideas’ do have their merits there is nothing that stands out as ‘the solution’.

I suspect it’s the big question we all need answering. How can we promote our books without it costing an arm and a leg, and in a way that is professional and appeals to a wider audience and will achieve substantial sales?

So rather than just talking about it I’d like to try and do something about it. Set something up that will make a difference. That all writers will buy into and support. Something that is not already available. That will work. But what exactly?

I have the time and the skills. I need to know what it is we all want.

And so I’m asking, please, for suggestions if you have any….ideas that could be put into action.  I would definitely give it a go.

If not, then have a pleasant Sunday….





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5 responses to “Writer? Self Published Author? How Can We All Make The Breakthrough To More Sales?”

  1. MishaBurnett says :

    I think that we can learn a lot from both the film and music industries. Back in 1919 a group of filmmakers who felt constrained by the existing studio system and were aware of the possibilities of the changing technology of the time founded United Artists to make and distribute films.

    The 1980’s and 1990’s saw an explosion in the music industry as technology put the recording and distributing of music in the hands of musicians. Many of these instant labels folded, but many more merged, artists realizing that banding together gave them increased marketing power and entry into wider listening audiences.

    I think e-readers are about where MP3 players were at the turn of the century–making the shift from a novelty to the preferred content delivery system. What’s more, I believe that the major publishers are making many of the same mistakes that the major studios did at that time, trying to hold on to a monopoly that is dependent on a control of means of distribution that no longer exists.

    Given the above, I think that independent authors are best served by networking with other independent authors and creating artist controlled publishing collectives, pooling their resources to promote their works together.

    In fact, I already see this happening. Blog tours and fan review sites operate by word of mouth. These loose networks haven’t yet codified into actual imprints, for the most part, but it’s coming. A local author that I know has started her own imprint, Rocking Horse Books, and I have seen a number of genre fiction authors who are doing the same.

  2. francisguenette says :

    I won’t say this as well as your last commenter, but here goes (and the type of thing I’m thinking of may already be available) – a WordPress blog that is a place for authors to promote their self-published work – you get in a line and when it’s your turn you get to post your promotion of your book – just another way to reach out into the WordPress world. But the promotion would have to be a well done post – and maybe each person that gets to post would have to offer a free book as prize or something like that. Just Sunday morning ramblings from Canada.

  3. writeonthebeach says :

    I think to create a marketing platform needs a mix of approaches and to an extent will be dependent on what genre of writing – fiction or non-fiction.
    Off the top of my head:
    all the usual suspects – blogs, websites, speaking to groups, networking
    I think web-casts/pod-casts could be made more use of
    on-line equivalent of book clubs – eg take a number of authors, take all their blog followers and start up a round robin book club where followers get the book (e-format) for free in exchange for participating
    Associates/affiliates but pro bono rather than £
    PR probably at a local level to start with

    Probably loads more – should have a virtual brain-storming session!!

    Really good post tho’ . It’s set me thinking.

  4. Mrs. Padilly says :

    Greetings from Mrs. Padilly. I want to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, as I enjoy reading your blog. To see more about the award and this nomination, please visit my post at http://mrspadilly.com/2013/01/27/whats-a-liebster-my-first-blog-award/

    Congratulations, and all the best to you and your blog!

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