Self Publishing – Doing The Right Thing – But Be Original

I seem to have been handing out quite a lot of advice recently about self-publishing and how to write, and when to write, and how to do this and that etc etc. Not that I’m the world’s greatest expert. Far from it. I’m just getting by and looking to share a few thoughts about how it is from my side of the road, and has been for over sixteen years, with anyone who needs a hand.

And all this self-publishing advice…is it worth it? I’d like to think most of it is.

So, is there a certain way we should all be doing things? A way to guarantee success with your writing and self-publishing?

Obviously, in general, it does pay to work to a set of ‘rules‘ or ‘guidelines‘ about writing and self publishing, particularly if you don’t know where to start. I have to be honest and say that’s more or less why I moved into the self publishing ‘thing‘ all those years back.

All the advice is meant to help those who might be struggling. It’s meant to save them all the hassle I had when I started, and I’m sure there are many first time writers out there who appreciate any help they can get, from whatever source.

Self publishing is extremely rewarding, there’s no doubt about that, but it does have its downside.

In the short term there’s ‘instant success’. You have your book out. In print or online. Great. Excellent. Life is fine!

Then you hit the wall – sales dry up. Selling even the odd book now and then won’t satisfy you. You’ll feel as though the whole thing has been a monumental waste of time. It’s natural. But don’t give up.

In the end I believe the real winners in this crazy writing/self publishing game will be the ones who somewhere along the line ‘dare to be different‘. I believe these guys (gals) are the ones who will stand out from the crowd. The ones who will write something so sensationally original that everyone will sit up and take notice. At some point you have to try to be one of those people.

I suppose in a nutshell what I’m saying is…..yes, follow the guidelines, follow the rules, take all the advice you can get, read as much as you can about self publishing, even those ‘interesting‘ articles  ‘How I made a Million Bucks in a Weekend by Self Publishing’. There will be some advice in there that will be useful.

But in the end if you want to hit the big time I believe you must Be Original.

Dare to break the rules. Think the unthinkable. Try the impossible. Write the way you want to write.  Walk on your own side of the road.

It will be a difficult journey. Of that there is no doubt. But if you have the courage and the self-belief to keep going and create something that is truly original, then you will make it. I’m sure of it.


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2 responses to “Self Publishing – Doing The Right Thing – But Be Original”

  1. secretsdaughter says :

    Thanks very much for this. Totally agree! There’s a million niches out there, and we don’t all need to write teen vampire fiction 😉 (although there’s nothing wrong with that!)

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