Published Author on Amazon? Create Yourself An Amazon Author Page

Just a quickie. Are you already published on Amazon? Then you should definitely have an Author Page.

I’m talking about both Kindle and paperback published authors here. And I suspect there are a heck of a lot of us. Now I guess for a lot of people reading this I’m not saying anything new, but there will also be a few first time published authors who haven’t quite latched onto this FREE service…so here goes.

Right, if you don’t already have an Author Page on Amazon you need to create one as soon as possible. Anything that will help promote YOU as an author, even if you just have one book published, is bound to help raise your profile.

It’s easy. But you have to be an individual author, not a publisher.

Go to Amazon’s FREE service Author Central to get started.

That’s etc

And SIGN UP for the service. You will already have a user name and a password so you’re bound to sign up without any hassle.

And that’s basically it. Upload a really good professional photo of yourself, not one taken by a loved one as you lie in the bath. Please not that one. Keep this image professional.

Then a nice biography. Try and keep that professional too if you can. Well, I suppose I’m being a little old fashioned here, and these days anything goes, and I suppose if you write a mega-selling novel and you become rich and famous and PROFESSIONAL you can always change the bath photo for something more in keeping with your international image. Oh, I don’t know though, your fans will probably love the bath photo anyway. But I’m rambling again.

Good luck. Let me know what you’ve uploaded and I’ll take a look.

P.S. If you want to check out how the pros do it simply find a book by any author you like…Ian Rankin for example…and on the book page click on his name where it says ‘Author’ and you’ll be taken to his biography page and the full list of his books. Don’t forget, this is to sell YOU, not the list of books which anyone can find anywhere. As I say, best of luck!


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7 responses to “Published Author on Amazon? Create Yourself An Amazon Author Page”

  1. writeonthebeach says :

    Thanks for this info Steve – I didn’t know about this – it’s really useful info. Now, time to dig out the photo from the time when I was taking a bath and….

  2. writegoodbooks says :

    Glad to be of help….look forward to seeing the photo when you have your Author Page up and running….best of luck

  3. MishaBurnett says :

    I have one, but you reminded me that I haven’t updated since I launched my novel–time to go look it over and maybe add to it.

  4. MishaBurnett says :

    Reblogged this on mishaburnett and commented:
    Good point–do you have an Amazon Author’s page? If you do, has it been updated recently?

  5. Michelle Proulx says :

    Just created my author profiles yesterday! I was perplexed to discover that doesn’t have author central yet. Very strange. Hopefully they’ll get with the times and start up a Canadian author central sometime in the near future 🙂

  6. drewdog2060drewdog2060 says :

    I can’t wait to upload the photograph of me with the rubber duck in the bath tub …! Seriously a very useful post.

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