Give Your Body (and Mind) A Break

I woke up this morning with a headache. Not just a headache but, you know, a HEADACHE.

Self-inflicted? Well, yes and no, but not the way you think.

Okay I had a drink. One. Vodka with a lot of tonic and ice, no lime. But I doubt that was the culprit. It was writing.

Now if you’re of a certain age, let’s say 30 or below, you will have stopped reading by now because quite rightly you will have cottoned on to the fact that I’m about to bang on about that seven letter word ‘posture‘. Yep. I never thought I would do this but I have to say something before it’s too late.

Amazingly, I too was once 30 or below and posture meant nothing. Who cared. I was young and what was a headache? Big deal. Well, I can tell you right now, a headache is something I don’t need. It will lose me at least two if not three hours today. Time I would have liked to have spent tapping away at the keyboard.

So the problem was this….I was on a roll yesterday. All the books I’ve produced and published for authors recently are at the print stage and so yesterday was a ‘free’ day to write for myself…and I did. Ten hours, split into two five hour blasts.

Okay, I did have the odd break for liquid refreshment, teas and coffee, and the vodka, but even they were taken ‘at the desk’. Not a good idea. Particularly the way I slump over the keys and peer at the screen. To make matters worse I ended up typing in the dark with a dim spotlight over my shoulder, hunched up.  It helped with the writing. It concentrated the mind. But in the end did damage to the body. Bad posture and too long at the keyboard = a bad headache this morning.

So, to sum up – even if you are ‘in the groove’ with your writing do try and take time to refocus your eyes. Go outside, take some air into your lungs, move around (whatever that means) and give your body a break. It will help. If I had taken an hour out yesterday it would have added two hours to today, so it does make sense.


And finally, as boring as this may sound try and find a good chair, one that will support your back properly. And don’t slouch. I do all the time and it is not what you want to be doing even if you are 30 or below….it’s just a thought.


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2 responses to “Give Your Body (and Mind) A Break”

  1. hawleywood40 says :

    This early-forties writer can testify to that! In addition to posture, the other thing your post made me think of is how I tend to unintentionally dehydrate myself when I get on a long writing roll. Oh, I drink, sure. Tons and tons of coffee or tea, and then I might have that yummy “adult beverage” afterwards. I forget that what my body really needs to feel good after all that sitting and thinking and screen-staring is water, water, water.

  2. writegoodbooks says :

    I’ll drink to that….

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