Here’s something you might like to try…I call it ‘Powerwriting‘.

It’s not exactly a cure for the dreaded writer’s block but it would certainly help. I gave it a blast the other day and it seemed to work, so I would be interested to find out if it is useful for you.

Okay, here’s the format. You set aside ONE HOUR of your time…I stress this has to be YOUR time. No distractions, no phone, no kids, no partner, no tea, no coffee, no sex, particularly not that, and no mobile phone. This is your one hour, no one else’s. Yours. Got that?

Right. Set the time. Perhaps 8.31pm. Be ready to write in your favourite spot by 8.29pm. Have all your writing implements handy…laptop, pen, paper, notebook…anything you will need to write, but no other distractions….not even that musical plastic dragon that dances and sings Rogers and Hammerstein show tunes every time you bang on the table….(I know you’ll miss it) but nope…not even that.

Okay, you are allowed one clock, either on the wall or near at hand. At exactly 8.31pm begin writing, and I mean straight away. I don’t care if you have nothing to say or nothing on the go or nothing in your head….WRITE…..if you can’t think of anything to write then begin writing “I have absolutely nothing to say…..” and continue FOR ONE HOUR SOLID. Yes, I realise it’s a long time, and you may want to wander outside for five minutes to get a breath of air but I forbid you to do it….otherwise it’s not Powerwriting it’s just Normal Writing. I don’t even care if you think “This sucks. And the guy who told me to do this sucks too.”

You must not stop to consider anything…once you get on a roll, continue rolling.

One hour. Non stop. Power your way through that writing, really hammer the keys, push that pen, make the paper burn….. and at exactly 9.31pm stop. Do not continue. Even if you are on the verge of a major masterpiece I forbid you to continue. There is a reason but I’m not going to tell you what it is right now.

Now go make yourself a mug of coffee or lie horizontal for ten minutes. Forget everything. Do not even look at what you have written. You might even go and indulge yourself in whatever it was you didn’t do in the last hour that you would have preferred to do, with whoever.

Feel like giving Powerwriting a try? Go on, I dare you. See what happens.


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