The Unexpected

It’s been a strange day so far. Not at all what I planned. Nothing like.

I had it all arranged. I would rise early, shower, breakfast, check email, reply to some, then settle down for a full day writing.

It has snowed again outside and I’m happy to stay inside, cocooned, in my own little bubble. Snug. Unaffected by any outside influence. I can work on the one project I’m really into at the moment. Lose myself in a world of nonsense and fun.

Then it all changed. One phonecall did it. It arrived mid-breakfast. It was an emergency. A friend in need. Nothing else to do but drop everything, even the buttered toast and get out into the ‘real world’ (Is there such a thing these days? Probably.)

Okay. Assess the situation. It’s cold outside. Freezing. The car is covered with snow and ice and will need warming up. But I’m in a hurry. I said I would be there in ten minutes. Do I have de-icer? Yes, but it’s in the car and the car door won’t open. It’s frozen shut.

An idea arrives from nowhere. Fill a huge bowl with cold water and chuck it over the car. It’s bound to do the trick. It doesn’t. It just wets me through. My hands are cold. In fact they are painfully cold. This is not what I had in mind.

Once into the car it’s ‘get the heater on’ mode. Nothing seems to do the trick. If this is warm air hitting my face I’m in trouble. Who set the heater to blow cold air?

I slip and fall on the ice. I ache somewhere but I’m in such a hurry. I think it might be a pain. I can’t pinpoint the centre of  the pain so I soldier on. One last gulp of cold tea indoors and I’m putting on two sweaters, two scarves, a woolly hat, big boots with fur inners and slip and slide out to the car and it’s off. We’re already at T minus one minute.

Cut to: two hours later the emergency is over. False alarm kind of. And the sun is shining. It all happened so fast. And in a way it was fun. I really enjoyed it. Helping out someone in need is therapeutic. It gets things into perspective. You get to see another side of life, it takes you out of your comfort zone. All good reference material for writers.

I’m home again by midday. Mug of hot coffee and a Blue Riband chocolate biscuit and I’m back in the cocoon.

Last night when planning the day ahead I would have considered a full morning without writing and working on the project a ‘lost four hours’ but to be honest it was a good four hours that made me realise how important these ‘unexpected‘ events are in real life.

Maybe we should work them into our manuscripts, stories, screenplays and novels from time to time  just to throw the characters ‘out of whack’ and see how they react. Not a bad idea.

Forget the ‘Hank dashes out to the limo, gets in, fires up the engine, throws the sucker into gear and guns her down the highway to Joey’s place before the Feds arrive‘ and re-write it as ‘Hank dashes out to the limo, falls on his ass on the ice, dislocates his shoulder and twists his ankle‘…..let’s see how he gets out of that one, baby. You get the picture.


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