Planning Ahead with a Book For Children

Just thought I would write an update about the progress of the children’s book I’m currently writing to sort of demonstrate what happens in the early stages of book production and how it all works.

As far as writing goes I have a first draft of the story completed but am now working my way back through the story, editing out all the superfluous ‘stuff’ and introducing new ideas that build the story and create more interest. I enjoy this part of the process immensely.

But I need to look forward too…I have already decided on the layout for the book, what font I will use, the spacing (leading) and the general ‘look’ of the book. I find this important too. I need to be able to ‘see’ the book in my own mind, and get a feel for the entire package.

This is particularly relevant to this book which I would like to turn into an audio book, so I need to also think about packaging and length of the story (word count)…..that has a bearing on whether the story will need two CDs or three. Packaging sells books. Get it wrong and it’s curtains. Get it right and it can mean a massive increase in sales.

I find it useful to buy best selling children’s books currently on the market and take a look at half a dozen of them to see what seems to be working for the writer and publisher – what’s the word count for example?

I just checked a David Walliams book and the word count comes out at around 29,000 words (give or take) for 265 pages. You need to know this kind of info if you’re going to compete with the very best. Find out what works for them and then keep that in mind when you’re producing and publishing your book.

More later as and when it happens.


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