Engage Your Potential Readers by Using Video

Okay, I’ve probably said it before but I’ll say it again because I personally think it’s worth mentioning.

One really great way to engage your potential readers is by using video.

I realise video is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are issues with it. I know a heck of a lot of writers who just like to write and let their books do the work for them, or prefer to hide behind the cloak of a pseudonym. I can appreciate that. I like privacy too.

But if you did have a book out, mainstream published or self published, I’m sure if the phone rang and the local TV station asked if you’d like to go on their current affairs and news programme to chat about your book you’d grab the chance with both hands? Right?

Well, why not do it yourself? It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a great looking and sounding, professional video clip up onto the internet, or onto your site. But the key to success is to do it ‘professionally’, even if you’re doing it ‘one man band’. Honestly, it doesn’t if you plan it well.

Some do’s and don’ts now if I may.

DO keep the video short and simple. Two to three minutes maximum.

DON’T film it in your bedroom. That sounds obvious but everybody does it all the same.

DO talk just about your book, maybe a little about yourself, but keep it specific.

DON’T film it yourself staring into the camera doing a ‘one to one’. I know you can see lots of these kind of videos on the internet but I’m trying to keep it simple for you.

DO plan it to be like an ‘interview’ but with the person asking the question off screen. I find that talking to camera is stressful for most writers…it’s far better to chat informally to someone about your book by answering questions.

DO plan the questions your interviewer will ask.

DON’T script your answers. Think about what you will answer, in general terms then chat normally.

DON”T do any fancy edits.

DO put the camera on a tripod, no fancy, arty shots please.

DO try and use an external microphone plugged into your video camera if it has an input for a mike. Failing that sit close to the camera and speak confidently.

DON’T film it in a large echoing room.

DON’T worry too much about titles.

DO tell the interviewer to ‘ask specific questions and not to wander off the subject.

DO film it somewhere where it is light, preferably with real daylight, not under artificial lighting conditions.

DON’T have distracting backgrounds.

DO film it when there are no children around. Kids are great but not shouting and fighting off camera.

DO relax.

DO try and imagine that your viewer is a friend who wants to get to know you and your book better.

DON’T imagine that everyone is going to hate you.

DON’T criticise your hairdo, make up, clothes, voice, la dah dah…you know what I mean. Just be presentable, film it pofessionally and you’ll be fine.

DON’T be afraid of what you’re doing.

DO be confident. Your followers and fans and friends will love you for it.

DO regular videos on the progress of your book, plugging any upcoming talks, book signings or special events.

DON’T be afraid to promote your book positively.

DON’T be negative about your book or sales.

And finally DO have fun. Smile. Enjoy it. This is your big chance to really promote your book. I promise it will work. It will. Honestly





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One response to “Engage Your Potential Readers by Using Video”

  1. klousada says :

    Great tips thank you
    It si soemthing I will be doing in the future. I just need to get out and buy that canon camera.

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