Google and Writing

Is it me, or has everything in life speeded up?

My guess is it’s a bit of both. As I slow down, technology speeds up. There’s probably some mathematical equation for it…. if there is, please don’t email it to me, I’m well aware I’m a dinosaur.

It also has a bearing on what we write too. Take Google for example. They have ruined so many plots of mine. I’ll explain.

I have this great (?) scene in my mind….’woman needs to find out where her boss lives so she can kill him. Stab him probably. She knows where he lives vaguely. In Newtown By The Sea. Great.

It’s raining heavily. She gets in her car and drives the 40 miles to Newtown By The Sea then cruises around the seafront where she thinks he lives…the rain is beating down hard on the car, she can hardly see as she kangaroo-hops her Honda Civic slowly along the seafront looking for his Mercedes parked in his driveway……..”

Er…no….she’d Google. Sitting with a mug of cocoa in front of the electric fire in her cosy bedsit probably. Google would come up with his name, address, phone number and email in seconds and also tell her if he co-habits with anyone.

She’d then go onto Google Maps and find the direct route to his house. Next she’d take a peek at Street View on Google and take a tour of his street, check out his house, does it have CCTV, and finally case his front garden looking for large shrubs (behind which she would plan to hide and stab him to death when he comes out in the morning).

Thanks a lot Google for ruining my dramatic scene. Duh!

So we all need to be aware of the curse of Google and technology and make sure, as far as possible, that our scripts or storylines won’t be totally out of date within months. It could happen. It will happen. And time is not on our side.


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