I’m A Writer – Do I Need A Website?

It’s a question I’m asked daily…“Steve, I’ve written my first book and I want you to publish it for me through Write Good Books, but the thing I want to know is, do I need a website to help me sell my book?”

Well, I suppose strictly speaking you don’t actually need a website to promote a book. I’ve known authors who could sell dozens of their books simply by chatting to people –  it came naturally to them.

One author of mine, a retired chap who’d written a book about his ‘life down the pit  in the 1960s‘, regularly gave free ‘talks’ to any local organisation that would care to book him, and of course he’d take a cardboard box full of his books which he sold after the talk. The last time I spoke to him he told me his diary was fully booked for the next six months, and I can confirm that he did have three re-prints of his very humorous and entertaining book. Any mention of him needing a website would have made him roar with laughter.

But we’re not all like that. Most of us can sell a few books like that locally, but if you really want to spread the word far and wide about your book and sell them around the world (yes, it is possible) then you definitely need a website.

But what kind of a website? For me there are just two choices. You either go for the Author Website option where you are more or less promoting yourself as a writer and any books you do over the years, or you go for the more direct, but limited, option of actually having a website dedicated to one book, and only that book. It’s risky, but can be a real winner if done properly.

For example…..let’s say you’re an author called Jane Stonemason and you’ve written your first novel called ‘Murder In Vienna‘ (apologies to Jane Stonemason if there is a writer by that name, and if you’re reading this). You could set up a site called janestonemason.co.uk and you could promote yourself and all your books on that site. It would work well, and obviously the more effort you put into regularly uploading content to that site the more the site would feature in the Google search results.

However, the alternative website you could create instead might be murderinvienna.co.uk

Now, this second website has the potential for very direct promotion, but would need to work quite hard to ‘push’ this website, and of course you wouldn’t really be able to add further books to it….well, I suppose you could, but it would look odd…..

I know a couple of authors who have used this second kind of site to very good effect. It’s a very effective marketing strategy.

To sum up, yes, I would always recommend having a website to promote your book. Online book promotion is extremely important these days. Yes, it does take time and effort to make the site a success but it’s well worth it.

But I know there are still a great majority of writers out there who are not comfortable with websites, and the internet in general, and of course that’s the reason I offer website and webpage creation as part of the Write Good Books package. So,do please get in touch if you’d like more information.


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