Audio Books for 2013

Anyone fancy having their book turned into an ‘audio book’?

No? Well, I reckon you’re missing a trick. The Audio Book market is thriving, and in 2013 I’m definitely going to move into the Audio Book Production and Publishing market.

I can hear you thinking already – “But surely it’s a costly business to have your manuscript turned into an audio book? The narrator’s fee? The recording session? The manufacturing of the audio disks and packaging?”

Well, I’ve looked into the financial side of Audio Book production and through Write Good Books I think I may be able to offer writers a fantastic deal. It does cost money, certainly, but it’s not as expensive as you might think.

How can I keep the price down? Well, by using terrific narrators who may not have too much work on at the moment and be glad of some audio work…..then there is the recording process which used to cost an arm and two legs, but these days can be done digitally on equipment that Write Good Books already has.

I used to work in radio, both local and national, and I can tell you now that modern digital recording techniques and ‘kit’ produce results that are as good as anything we used to broadcast in the past. And, as I say, I have access to this equipment right now, so recording costs needn’t be high.

To push the boat out, so to speak I intend to publish one of my own children’s books as an Audio Book, hopefully in the early part of the New Year….and obviously I will keep you updated as to the progress.

So have a think….do you have anything that might work as an audio book? If so, why not get in touch?


About writegoodbooks

I help new writers become published authors through self-publishing. I also offer writers the chance to have their work converted into Kindle eBooks and publish them on the Amazon Kindle store.

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