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And then it was gone…Christmas that is. Well almost, apart from the one slice of cold turkey sulking at the back of the fridge and the two chocolates that no one ever wants left to go mouldy in the chocolate box next to the TV.

And so we look forward to the New Year….and one of the first things I need to do before the end of January is to finish off the children’s book I’ve been working on since the early part of December. It has somehow managed to expand to just over 7,000 words which is a tad more than I really wanted but it should be ideal for what I have in mind.

As well as self-publishing this book through Write Good Books (as a personal project) I’m keen to turn it into an Audio Book, which I’ve been wanting to move into for some time. Now that should be interesting.

One of the main considerations of course will be ‘who shall I try and sign up to do the actual narration’? Someone well known? They could be expensive. Someone with a good local reputation, but probably not well known nationally? Financially that would make sense in the short term.

Then there is the big question of ‘should I use a male or female voice’? Now that is a tricky one.

Without giving too much away, I can safely say that I considered a male actor who I’ve seen on stage several times ‘locally’. He has a fantastic voice and could do the various voices extremely well. But then, in the same production recently I loved the voice of one of his female co-stars. She had a wonderful voice….and that set me thinking again. Male? Female? At the moment it’s 50/50 but I know either of them would make a terrific job of it.

But, as I say, the first priority is to get the book written and done… well as all the other ‘stuff’ I’m working on at present.


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