Kindle Publish My Book – new site online

Well, the new website is up and running and hopefully will help a lot of writers, particularly self-publishers, get their work onto the Kindle and begin selling.

I’ve been offering Kindle conversion and uploading for some time now on but this has been solely for the authors who I have produced and published books for, but I felt I needed to reach out more and contact authors who may not have come across the Write Good Books website….hence…..Kindle Publish My Book.

There has been a lot of discussion about the cost to authors….and to be honest most people I’ve spoken to have commented on the fact that my standard fee of £125 is perhaps a little on the low side. I realise there are other large companies online offering this kind of service at much higher fees but I needed to make the price affordable to those authors who might not not have a massive readership for their Kindle books. I’m hoping that the £125 seems a fair fee for what’s included – Kindle conversion of their manuscript and formatting, image optimisation, book cover design and full management service. I personally think it’s a real value for money offer. But I suppose I would say that wouldn’t I?

I have one author in particular who I’ve done six books for, and his subject area is very ‘niche market’. As I had already published one of his books as a paperback I offered to Kindle publish his remaining books at a reduced fee, just to get the ball rolling for him, and it seems to have worked out well, although sales will never be in the high figures. In this particular case, I will be quite pleased if he covers his outlay and then goes on to make a modest profit.

I’m always glad to receive feedback of any kind, as long as it’s constructive, and I will be looking forward to seeing how the new website fairs, and if indeed it does connect with writers who may not have seen my websites in the past.

So, fingers crossed, Kindle Publish My Book will take off. I will keep you informed.


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I help new writers become published authors through self-publishing. I also offer writers the chance to have their work converted into Kindle eBooks and publish them on the Amazon Kindle store.

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