Promoting Your Self-Published Book – Get A Website

One of the most common questions I am asked when authors come to me and ask me to produce and publish their books for them is “When I have my books, what’s the best way of promoting them?”

My reply is always the same. “There are literally hundreds of ways you can promote your books yourself, but one thing you really do need is a simple ‘author website’ from which you can publicise your book and also co-ordinate and link to all your other promotional activities.”

And the reaction? Well, to be honest the one I get from many of my published authors is “But I don’t know anything about building websites, and I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I did have one. And it’s bound to be far too expensive. And I wouldn’t know who to ask to design one for me.” Or some similar variation on that reply.

It’s understandable. A great majority of my writers are let’s say, over a certain age, and many just want to write books and leave it at that. Having a website of their own probably never entered their head.

But having a website needn’t cost a lot of money, and once it’s up and running it’s relatively straightforward to manage if you know where to go to have the site created in the first place.

Now, obviously, because I offer a web design service as part of my self-publishing package through Write Good Books, I’m bound to say that I always offer to set up a simple website for them and show them what’s involved in updating it, either by themselves or by yours truly. And the cost? A lot less than you think. Very affordable. Contact me to find out….

If an author really doesn’t fancy having a website then I can also offer single ‘Author Pages‘ on my sites. These are pages that I update for them. They can usually send me an email containing their text and maybe an image or two and I will upload that information onto their dedicated webpage and they can promote their books from there .

Finally, if neither of these options are what they want, I usually suggest a simple blog, which I can set up for them, then once it’s up and running show them how to upload images and insert text and update the blog when they have something to share with their potential readers.

The whole ‘website of your own‘ idea can be very daunting for many writers, but it’s much simpler than many imagine, and very good value for money. As an author, having a website of your own from which you can attract potential buyers and market your books, really is essential these days.



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