Six Titles For Your Blockbuster Bestseller!

Can I run an idea past you for 2013?

I was musing over a mug of cocoa recently, as you do, and came up with this idea which may or may not work. See what you think.

As a writer I’m sure we all have some major project on at the moment, something that’s going to knock the publishing world sideways. Sure we have.

However, I also believe it’s good (therapeutic some might say) to have another project, a minor player in the game, something ever so  slightly off the wall, simmering away on the backburner – a project that, if it comes off, is great, but if it just splutters away into oblivion no one will mind too much.

Right, I’m rambling, let’s cut to the chase.

Grab yourself a latte, your favourite pencil, and a crisp sheet of virgin white paper.  In the next ten minutes, or however long it takes you to put the latte away, I want you to write down SIX TITLES for books you’ve never written, and hopefully no one else has either. You are allowed to be frivolous.

Here are mine…in no particular order.







Okay, a mind blowing list, it is not. I never said I was any good at this….but let’s run with it. (I know for a fact that you will have a far better set of six).

Next step….email just the book titles, all of them, to a friend, work colleague, or someone you like and ask them to simply list their top two titles – books they could imagine wanting to pick up and read, without knowing anything else about the book, other than the fact that you have written it.

(1 = favourite, 2 = my second favourite).

They may not like any of the titles – shame, but that tells you something about your list anyway. Look on it as a positive result.

If they really are your friend they won’t mind if you ask them about the top TWO titles. Ask them to tell you what they imagine those two books are about….just a short sentence will do. And that’s it.

If you really want to be brave, print a list and hand it out and ask people you meet to email their preferences to you….or just politely tell someone you’re going to read out a list of titles and they have to tell you which two titles immediately appeal to them, and hopefully, why?

Okay, I never said it was a scientific experiment. But I do honestly believe you will learn a great deal from the results….a title from that list will emerge, and maybe an idea, a genre, and that’s the spec book project you should try out in 2013. Maybe self-publish it. Why not?

If you want to send me YOUR six titles I’ll definitely rank them for you and maybe give you my idea of what the books are about….what have you got to lose?


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