Book Covers and Taglines

A well designed cover

In yesterday’s blog I put forward the idea that maybe taglines would work well with books, and looking through the best sellers list on Amazon recently I came upon Alex Marwood’s book ‘The Wicked Girls‘, a fascinating but disturbing book that’s selling exceptionally well at present….and of course one that does have a VERY strong tagline on the front cover. How about this…?

“One summer morning, three little girls meet for the first time. By the end of the day, two will be charged with murder”

Wow. What a great tagline that is, and guaranteed to sell a few hundred, if not thousand copies, without a doubt. So really top notch taglines do work. If you’re an author trying to get into print you should definitely think about putting one on your book cover, particularly, of course, if it’s an exciting novel.

But looking at the cover in general, it works really well as a design and the quote on the front helps too from Val McDermid ‘Genuinely disturbing and emotionally unsettling…irresistible

But looking at the cover itself what makes it so good? Number one is a big bold title…no whimsy here.
Author’s name at the bottom of the cover. Nice and tidy.
The ‘graphic’ itself is a simple ‘posed’ shot, the kind of photograph you could easily set up yourself, and then tweaked a touch in a photo editing program like Photoshop and given an edgier, moody feel. It’s easy enough to do. Get in touch with me and I’ll tell you how to do it.

Now as someone who offers self-publishing to authors I’m always trying to push the fact that a book does need a very good cover these days to succeed. It has always been the case, but you only have to browse any High Street bookstore to see superb examples of the book designer’s art. In my opinion book covers have never looked so good.

Unfortunately, and I don’t like to say this but it’s true, a lot of first time authors still insist on having covers that have been designed by ‘a friend’ or ‘family member’ that quite frankly are simply not up to the standard required. But it’s difficult for a publisher…you don’t really want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but in the end it is advice which they can take or leave.

I’ll be going into what makes a stunning cover design in future blogs and will discuss it in more depth on my two websites where I plan to deconstruct a couple of covers and show you how you can design something similar yourself that has instant impact and style (and save you a fortune in designer fees).

You can check out the websites at and
If you want to buy the book you can do so by clicking HERE


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