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Every now and then I get asked for advice about writing for the screen, film that is, and it’s usually along the lines of  “Steve, can you recommend any good books on how to write successful film screenplays? I’ve had a look on the internet and looked at the reviews but I wondered if you’d read any of these books?”

Well, I must admit I’ve read a fair few of these so called ‘how to write successful screenplays that sell’ books and to be honest the best two by a mile (that’s just my own personal opinion of course) are SAVE THE CAT by Blake Snyder and Viki King’s HOW TO WRITE A MOVIE IN 21 DAYS (The Inner Movie Method)

These two books are well known by anyone who has ever tried to write a movie screenplay and both work in their own way. Blake Snyder’s book is packed full of great ideas and tips and real life examples from films you’re bound to have seen, and his downloadable BEATSHEET is worth the price of the book alone.

Viki King’s book has been around for years. The title says it all really – Viki tells you day by day what you should be writing, which scene, what your hero or heroine needs to do, and how to finish the screenplay in exactly 21 days. You have to be dedicated and stick with it but having a deadline definitely works.

Both books are available at a discount price on Amazon – you can get to them by clicking on the links above – and they are very affordable….just over £7 for Blake Snyder’s book and £5.59 for Viki’s. Great value, lots of fun, and I guarantee you’ll learn a lot. Whether you’ll write a million dollar screenplay first time is another matter…that of course is up to you. But why not give it a try? As I say, great fun!


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