Nook Reader in the U.K.


I’ve had one or two e-mails recently asking about the massively advertised  NOOK Reader now available in the U.K and of course the big question “Will my eBook be published and for sale on the Nook?

Okay…first things first. In the short term the eBooks I publish through Write Good Books, which are aimed fair and square at the Amazon Kindle, will continue to be available WORLDWIDE. The NOOK on the other hand is seen as being potentially a big rival to the Kindle, but for the moment at least  U.K. eBook publishers cannot get their books onto it. Why not? I will explain below…but first a little background if I may.

The NOOK is owned by USA book seller BARNES & NOBLE, a massive traditional bookstore chain across the States with 691 stores. Now, bookstores in general, particularly the mega chains, have been struggling…remember the closure over here in the U.K of BORDERS? And the same applied to Barnes & Noble until along came MICROSOFT who saw an opportunity to get into the eBook boom and invested a massive £385 million in CASH into Barnes & Noble and the creation of the NOOK.

First launched in the USA the NOOK Reader, with the help of publicity from Microsoft, began to take a small share of the U.S. eBook market. But the ultimate goal is to mimic Amazon and go ‘global’…. with the U.K. its first adventure outside the States.

The NOOK Reader was launched mid-October over here and although slow to pick up it is going to do well, judge for yourself by the number of times you see the ad for the Nook Reader on TV in just one evening. However, Amazon Kindle still completely rules, as they say.

Now to get to the publishing part…amazingly, Barnes & Noble have decided that they want to totally control the content going onto the Nook and keep it U.S.A. based, and for the moment put several ‘obstacles’ in the way for U.K. Publishers.

The first obstacle to overcome is that any publisher wanting to upload and publish an eBook on the Nook MUST be registered for tax in the States and have a Business Bank Account. This more or less rules out all but the major U.K. players in the game….small ePublishers like Write Good Books can’t get into the Nook market – for now.

The word is that Barnes & Noble’s attitude will have to change if they want to seriously challenge Amazon’s position, and in my personal opinion the decision to allow U.K ePublishers to put their work onto the Nook will have to come about very soon, particularly if Microsoft want to get their investment back.

So for now, technically, it’s not possible to publish in the U.K onto the Nook…but when the decision does change you can be sure that Write Good Books will have all its eBooks up there and selling.


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I help new writers become published authors through self-publishing. I also offer writers the chance to have their work converted into Kindle eBooks and publish them on the Amazon Kindle store.

2 responses to “Nook Reader in the U.K.”

  1. Huw Thomas says :

    Thanks for the information. I’m a UK indie author and have been publishing on Kindle for a year. I’ve been thinking about the next step but I guess the Nook will have to stay on the back burner for now.
    Presumably though I could still publish via sites like Smashwords that then sell to B&N etc?

  2. writegoodbooks says :

    Yes you can definitely publish on Smashwords…no problem there.
    Also, I’ve just had a look at your Facebook page and WordPress blog…and both are excellent examples of how to promote yourself and your work. I’m sure you’ll continue to do well Huw…great stuff.
    I really liked the photos in America too. I will certainly advise the writers I work with to take a look at your sites and learn from them. All the very best.

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