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I just thought I would mention a chap who I’ve met a couple of times who deserves a lot of success….and this guy’s name is Mike Bryson. I’ve sort of worked with Mike on a couple of jobs which never quite materialised but the more I look at his drawings and illustrations the more I think to myself “We should do some project together – maybe a children’s book.” Definitely.

Here are a couple of examples of what he does….

ed milliband


arsene wenger


I’m sure you’ll agree that the sketch of Ed Milliband is terrific and the Arsene Wenger ‘painting’ is outstanding.

Mike is a very busy chap doing all kinds of caricature work, ‘live’ portrait sketches at weddings, cartooning, you name it, and I’d really like Mike to illustrate one of my books. In fact at the moment I’m working on a children’s book (isn’t everybody?) that I hope to have ready for sometime in January.

Up until a couple of years ago the only way to ‘get your book out there‘ was through self-publishing which of course involves printing of hundreds of books, which is fine if you have a fairly guaranteed audience for your work. The downside is that there are so many books for children out there that anything you publish will just get swamped unless you have a superb marketing strategy in place.

But….for those of you that know me reasonably well, you’ll know that I’m always banging on about ‘publishing online’ through the Kindle (Write Good Books), and of course that could be the way to go in future for all writers of books for children. Get the work up online for far less money than it would take to print a spare bedroom full of paperback books and see how it does. If it takes off then that’s great news, if not, well, it won’t have cost both arms and a leg.

You should definitely check out Mike’s work online. His website is at and also check out his Facebook page


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