Websites Up and Running

At last…both of my newly designed websites are up and running.

Please check them out if you have time….

I’m now designing the newest site which is still in construction mode which is aimed fair and square at those writers who just want to publish online on the Amazon Kindle. Hopefully that will be ‘live’ by the weekend.

Another venture I’m considering for Write Good Books for 2013 is offering writers the chance to have their books published online as ‘Animated Books’ (for want of a better word)…also known as ‘flip books’ or ‘flash books’ or ‘interactive books’…I’m sure you know the kind of thing….books that display really well on the iPad in colour as double or single page spreads and then when you touch the bottom corner of the page the page folds back across the page. They look really fantastic and for children’s books they definitely are the future.

The great joy of these kind of books is their ‘interactivity’…not only do you get great text and sparkling images you can incorporate any kind of media imaginable into the books. For example, you may turn over a page and an audio file will play background music….there will be images on the page that turn into short videos…images enlarge, there can be slideshow – you name it. And of course all these media elements fit perfectly into the book.

As I say, I can see children’s books being the biggest sellers, but any kind of book would work well that has images or audio or video, it’s just a matter of using one’s imagination and then working out the dynamics of how best to do it.

Costly? Well, yes and no I suppose is the honest answer. You could really push the boat out and spend a lot of money if you felt there was a big enough market for your book, but I would recommend keeping the budget tight and certainly for the first book keep it simple but stylish. As always I’m looking to pitch this kind of service in the ‘high quality – low cost’ bracket. It is possible to do it, the trick is having enough authors willing to have a go to make it viable. Then it really does become something we could all benefit from….as I say I think colour books on the iPad and other Tablets are the future. If you don’t believe me check the newspapers shortly after Christmas and you’ll see that the biggest selling items are the budget-priced portable Tablets (bought for children).

As a writer and publisher it’s a market I aim to get into…and soon.


About writegoodbooks

I help new writers become published authors through self-publishing. I also offer writers the chance to have their work converted into Kindle eBooks and publish them on the Amazon Kindle store.

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