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Spent a good part of the day out and about in Beverley, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Today was the annual big ‘Christmas Market’ with the town absolutely packed with shoppers, tourists and locals just wanting to enjoy themselves. I’ve never seen the place so busy. Fantastic.

We met and chatted to a couple of interesting people on our travels, notably one very arty lady called Claire West from the Beverley area who had a stall selling her artwork and prints. I’m always on the lookout for possible illustrators for the children’s books I work on and Claire’s black and white linocuts were very eye catching and original. If you want to see some really excellent artwork check out her website at www.claire-west.com.

The other person we spoke to at length was a photographer who we sat next to whilst having a coffee and mince pie. I asked about his camera and we soon began exchanging opinions about photography and all the various bits of kit you can buy these days and how the different makes of camera stack up against each other. Eventually, as usually happens, the conversation turned to “so what do you do for a living?”‘ to which of course I replied “I publish books”. To cut a long story short, from that point on he wanted to know how book production worked and the costs and could I possibly do a book for him in the future….a book of his photographs, obviously. It’s amazing how many people actually would like to have a book done but don’t know who to contact or what to do.

Finally, the Write Good Books website ‘glitch’ continues – with more emails back and forth to try to sort out the problem. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be back up and running again.


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