Two Books

Have spent most of the morning working on two books, both very different.

First, we have a book which has been with me in development for some months, the ‘Ben Bee’ book for children, a 32 page full colour book which we hope to have ready early in 2013.

Most books I produce have a fairly quick turnaround, particularly with authors I know, but the Ben Bee book has been written by first time author Kevan Baldwin who is ‘learning the ropes’ as we go along. Diving straight in with a full colour book as your first publication is something of a daunting task but Kevan is a determined chap and I’ve helped him as much as I possibly can to learn what works and what doesn’t in a book of this kind. I’m pleased to say he’s coped very well with the experience and he’s already planning and working on his next book which should be less stressful for him as he now knows what’s involved.

To be honest, this is what Write Good Books does best…helping complete beginners get to grips with book production and publishing, and once we have the final version of the book printed I’m sure he’ll do very well with it.

The second book is something of a novelty item. A previous author of mine, Eve Tidswell, has had her Yorkshire dialect piece ‘A Flat Cap Christmas’ sitting on the shelf for a while doing nothing in particular, but once I explained to her how simple it would be for me to reformat the piece into a Kindle book on Amazon she jumped at the chance to have it published online. The short book, Yorkshire dialect versions of the Christmas story (While Shepherds Watched re-written in ‘proper Yorkshire’ for example), was co-written with her friends in the Paternoster Players in Leeds and also features some of Eve’s own artwork…really humorous sketches…particularly the sheep!

There are just a few odds and ends to tie up in the next day or so and then I will be able to upload it for her and the group in time for Christmas….I’ll put links on the blog for both books as and when I publish them.


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